Our experienced commercial HVAC contractors know businesses have much for diverse needs than residential properties. From small mom-and-pop businesses to large office spaces and massive warehouse and government facilities, H & H can help you find the ideal solution for maintaining comfort efficiently in your commercial space. We offer a variety of solutions to meet the diverse application needs of our clients.

Heat Pumps

Ground, air, and water source heat pumps offer efficient comfort control, moving heat from outdoors to the interior of your building in the winter and vice versa in the summer. Our commercial air conditioning repair service contractors install and repair many of these popular systems.

Rooftop Units (RTUs)

Unlike residential units, which are typically located on the side of the house, RTUs are located out-of-sight, rooftop. Featuring a modular design, it is easy to add to or take away from your design, removing or adding heating and cooling as needed. Choose from electric and gas-powered options, creating a zoned system design for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Single Split System

Single split systems less expensive than central systems but require the space to maintain an outdoor unit for each indoor unit. They offer an excellent solution for small commercial buildings. Popular and affordable, single split systems can be used to heat and cool individual rooms or used in combination to serve multiple areas. Versatile and efficient, they are easy to add on as your business grows.

Multi-Split System

Multi-split systems work much like single split systems but offer the added versatility of combining additional indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Our commercial HVAC mechanical contractors frequently install these in offices, shops, and restaurants. They are ideal for businesses short on square footage, requiring less space.

VRF/VRV Systems

Variable refrigerant flow, also called variable refrigerant volume systems are ideal for medium to large buildings such as hotels and larger office and retail spaces. They use heat recovery technology, offering the unique capability to heat one room while cooling another. They put waste heat to efficient use, repurposing it for heating rooms and heating water.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are highly efficient, cooling air using the process of evaporation. They supply 100% fresh outdoor air, displacing indoor air with air filtered through cooling pads in the system, which also removes pollutants and allergens.


H & H offers a variety of popular heating options, including gas-powered furnaces, boilers, and radiant heating systems.


High volume fans and ventilation offer effective, economical cooling in the warehouse setting, particularly when combined with misting systems for added comfort.

Dehumidification Systems

Our indoor pool dehumidification systems are designed to improve air quality and enhance comfort in your natatorium. Our high-performance systems prevent mold proliferation, corrosion, and structural damage while controlling energy costs, preserving the lifespan of your pool room.

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