From office buildings closed to accommodate working from home to temporary bar and restaurant closures in COVID-19 hotspots, the on-again, off-again use of commercial heating and cooling equipment is becoming the norm. How does this practice impact your system? The commercial HVAC pros at H & H have the information you need to ensure your system survives the pandemic.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether your business has closed completely or is working on a reduced schedule with limited occupancy, your commercial HVAC system still requires routine service and maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance must be performed whether or not your system is in use to ensure optimal performance and lifespan. Now, before occupancy returns to normal, is the ideal time for service and maintenance.

Service and maintenance is especially important if your system has been “off” for an extended length of time. Scheduling an inspection can help you avoid indoor air quality issues when restarting your system. It can also help you avoid the need for emergency repair service that can occur following neglected maintenance and long periods of inactivity.

HVAC professionals don’t recommend turning off your equipment. Whenever possible, operating at a reduced capacity is best. If this is not possible, we recommend attempting to restart your system a week before reopening. Be sure to include a new filter, carefully monitoring your system after returning it to operation in case of service issues.

Maintaining Your Business – and HVAC System – Through COVID-19

If it’s business as usual for you and your employees, you should continue HVAC maintenance as normal, including regular air filter changes and coil cleaning. H & H remains open and ready to serve you throughout the crisis. You can rest assured of safety. Our staff is trained to take proper precautions, donning masks and gloves, maintaining distance, and limiting contact as much as possible when on your premises.

We are also here to upgrade your system as you seek to reduce airborne COVID exposure. We can help you improve indoor air quality with UV light filtration, ionization, hospital-grade filtration, improved exhaust/fresh air intake, duct cleaning, and more. Our team has the industry expertise to meet your most complex heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs, with the latest information on strategies to help you safeguard employee and customer health as the pandemic evolves.

The Benefit of Upgrading HVAC During a Shutdown

If your system is reaching the end of its life, it may be a good time to consider upgrading your heating and cooling system now. Upgrading your system while your business is closed or opened in a limited capacity ensures minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

For more information on maintaining your system during the shutdown, contact H & H Commercial Services. Fill out our online contact form or arrange a no contact virtual estimate today.