Are you looking for the most efficient commercial heating and cooling system on the market? Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems offer 30-40% energy savings compared to conventional HVAC system designs. That’s a pretty penny when 50% of your average energy expenses come from heating and cooling your building.

What is a VRF HVAC System?

This state-of-the-art HVAC solution is relatively new on the scene and only available since the early 2000s. It is one of the best HVAC solutions for your business, known for superior energy efficiency and the ability to deliver a fast return on investment in many applications. Broken down to its simplest form, a VRF HVAC system is like a large-scale ductless system capable of performing at high capacity – though specific design varies by application.

How Commercial VRF Systems Work

VRF HVAC systems allow you to operate multiple indoor units/zones from the same commercial heat pump or heat recovery system, enjoying simultaneous heating and cooling. The ductless design of these systems distributes refrigerant throughout the building using refrigerant piping, moderating refrigerant flow to ensure superior comfort and energy efficiency.

A Versatile Solution for Nearly Any Project

VRF systems ensure a comfortable environment, supporting the productivity of workers while keeping energy costs low. These flexible heating and air conditioning systems can:

  • Heat and cool different zones in a building simultaneously
    Multiple indoor units, connected to one outdoor module, allow occupants to customize temperature settings based on their preferences. Placement determines zones. Refrigerant from the outdoor system is delivered to each zone, based on climate control needs. Refrigerant flow is adjusted as needed to maintain the desired temperature in each zone. Zones can be heated and cooled simultaneously, with heated/cooled air redirected to zones in need, reducing energy waste. VRF systems feature variable speed compressor technology, strongly recommended by commercial HVAC contractors for energy savings, which operates continuously at various speeds based on refrigerant demand for heating and cooling to optimize energy consumption.
  • Run at a low volume
    These systems operate quietly, eliminating ambient noise.
  • Fit into tight spaces
    Featuring a sleek, compact design, VRF HVAC systems are ideal for historic buildings with limited space. They also work well in modern, high-ceiling designs, featuring small piping that is easily hidden. Commercial HVAC services offer wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, suspended, and standing options are availble to suit your needs.
  • Scale to meet the needs of any size building
    Integrate VRF HVAC anywhere, from small offices to large high-rises.
  • Install quickly and easily
    The simple design of VRF systems weighs significantly less, using fewer components and requiring less construction than ducted HVAC systems.
  • Work with your current system
    VRF technology can be combined with or retrofitted to your current system – even those with different designs.

Outfit your commercial building with the latest in cutting edge, energy-efficient VRF heating and cooling technology. Learn more about this cutting edge climate control solution from H & H Commercial Services today.