Rooftop AC units are highly popular and preferable to single, ground-level systems by those in-the-know. With a modular rooftop HVAC system, it’s easy to cool your commercial space reliably, however, this is far from the only benefit of rooftop HVAC. Modular commercial air conditioning solutions are far different from residential units, offering distinct advantages despite their seemingly bizarre location.

Rooftop Units Offer Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Priorities

Modular rooftop units allow your business to quickly and easily adapt to changing needs, making alterations for new tenants or changes to operations with little fuss. Add or subtract units, adding heating or cooling as needed. No ductwork removal or system replacement necessary. Simply add or remove a modular unit, locating each unit just where needed to reduce the overall length of ductwork additions, reducing heat loss, and duct cleaning costs.

Rooftop Designs Allow for Easier Efficiency Improvements

Modular rooftop units include an array of efficiency-enhancing technology. Choose options that run on electricity or natural gas. Create a zoned system for superior temperature control and performance. Or incorporate features such as fresh air dampers (FAD) into the design of your rooftop system. Located within the ductwork, these flaps allow cool outside air to mix with conditioned air, enabling you to vary the volume of airflow through ductwork based on your specifications.

Rooftop Systems are Easier to Access for Maintenance

Commercial HVAC service companies know rooftop units are much easier to access than indoor units, which are often stuffed into closets and storage spaces in the commercial environment, surrounded by workspace clutter.

Rooftop Systems Require Less Maintenance

Rooftop units are exposed to less dust, greenery, and trash, minimizing maintenance.

Rooftop Systems Minimize Disruptions

Local HVAC contractors can work on a rooftop unit without disrupting your business with ladders, tools, parts, and the activity of repair. This out of the way location also minimizes the noise from system operation.

The Rooftop Locale Saves Valuable Space

Rooftops offer ample space for expansion without robbing valuable real estate at ground level or indoors. Components are located out of the way, where they won’t interfere with workplace activities.

Rooftop Systems are Secure

The rooftop environment better safeguards your system against theft, vandalism, damage from vehicles and fallen limbs, and more.

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