If you’re in the market for a new heating and air conditioning system for your business, a high efficiency commercial HVAC system is a worthy investment. For nominally more, you can achieve more comfortable temperatures with less energy use.

Why Choose a High-Efficiency Commercial HVAC System?

  1. Improved indoor air quality
    Older systems simply don’t offer the filtration and performance of newer models. Combustion-style furnaces and boilers are particularly known for indoor air quality dangers such as carbon monoxide due to cracked/malfunctioning components. With a new high efficiency system with HEPA filtration, you can improve indoor air quality, keeping your team healthy and productive.
  2. Decreased carbon footprint
    Better performance means a lower carbon footprint. 4-6% of the energy consumed in the US is from heating and cooling. Be a part of shrinking this number and protecting the earth with a new, high efficiency Energy Star System that requires less fuel to maintain temperatures in your business.
  3. Lower energy bills
    Decreased fuel use not only lowers your carbon footprint, but it also lowers your energy costs. Heating and air conditioning use can add up to half of your monthly energy costs, depending on the industry. If your business is sporting a model more than 15 years old, your savings could be significant. Commercial HVAC contractors know older systems run more frequently and use more fuel to maintain temperature, allowing you to quickly recoup your investment in a high-efficiency HVAC system.
  4. Superior temperature control
    With advancements such as smart Wi-Fi thermostats and zoned heating and cooling to address the climate in specific rooms more efficiently, you can enjoy superior temperature control and savings. Program your system on a schedule or operate it remotely from anywhere via a mobile device, adjusting settings for savings with the building is unoccupied and preventing office thermostat wars as employees battle for climate control.
  5. Quiet operation
    Today’s high-efficiency systems are not the noisy, rattling behemoths you may be used to. Constructed with noise-absorbing materials, they offer quiet, unobtrusive operation.
  6. Fewer repair issues
    High-efficiency systems experience fewer electrical and commercial HVAC repair issues than their older counterparts, which can be quite expensive to maintain and, in some cases, almost as costly as buying a new commercial heating and cooling system.
  7. Increased real estate value
    Adding a high-efficiency system to your building makes your commercial property far more attractive to business operators and investors, giving you a competitive advantage.

Replace your old system with high-efficiency HVAC and reap the benefits. Learn more about available high-efficiency HVAC options for your business. Schedule a consultation with the industry experts at H & H Commercial Services today.