Like your home or business requires HVAC to maintain occupant health and comfort, your pool room requires the assistance of an indoor pool dehumidifier to support the comfort, health, and safety of pool occupants. However, unlike the typical building, pool rooms are uniquely challenging containing a large quantity of water that continually evaporates, effecting moisture in the space.

Keeping Water in the Pool with the Right Dehumidifier

Commercial HVAC contractors in Philadelphia know, with the right dehumidifier, you can meet the special challenges of pool room environments, safeguarding indoor air quality and maintaining temperature and humidity level to provide a comfortable environment for swimmers.

Which Style Pool Room Dehumidifier Can Help You Best Meet these Needs?

Balancing comfort and indoor air quality goals with energy costs requires tradeoffs, making it essential to prioritize your pool room needs in advance.

  • Heating & Ventilation System (H&V)
    This most basic style of dehumidification removes moisture simply by diluting it with outside air. Humidity control during the summer season is minimal, at +/-30%, with no cooling. During the winter season, the system must raise the temperature from outside air to 84-degrees F, an energy-intensive feat given typical winter temperatures around freezing.
  • H&V with Heat Recovery
    An H&V with added heat recovery can significantly reduce the costs of dehumidifier operation for minimal additional cost, just 25-30% more than simple H&V systems. These passive systems recover the large portions of heat in exhausted air, using it to condition incoming air.
  • H&V with Heat Recovery & Cooling Coil
    With heat recovery and the addition of a cooling coil, year-round pool room comfort can be maintained, albeit at a slightly higher operating cost. However, be mindful of coil size when selecting your unit. Typical coil sizes will rely on outdoor air dilution for humidity control, while larger size coils can serve as the primary method of moisture removal. Looked for chilled water over expansion coils for superior humidity control.
  • Dehumidification with Mechanical Refrigeration & Hot Gas Reheat
    Similar to conventional heat pump-style commercial heating and air conditioning systems, this style of dehumidifier gathers heat from excess moisture in pool room air (rather than outdoor/geothermal sources). They are best for small-to-medium pool rooms, providing precise, all-season control. Like heat pump systems, they reduce operating costs and provide superior comfort, albeit at a higher initial investment due to additional installation complexity/components.
  • Mechanical Dehumidification with Hot Gas Reheat & Pool Water Condenser
    The most efficient of all dehumidification systems, these systems can redirect heat from moisture in pool room air either back into the space or into heating the pool via the water condenser. Using all available energy sources including the pool water as an additional heat sink, these systems minimize fossil fuel use and operational costs.
  • Alternative Tech

Hybrids of the above technology, such as Dectron dehumidifiers, can also be constructed based on owner preferences, operating requirements, and climate.

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