The terms “mechanical contractor” and “HVAC contractor” are used pretty often by building owners and maintenance professionals. Sometimes people assume these terms are interchangeable, but that’s not really the case. Keep reading to learn what mechanical contractors do, what HVAC contractors do, and who you need to call for various services and repairs.

What Are Mechanical Contractors?

“Mechanical contractor” is a general, umbrella term for people who oversee the mechanical systems of buildings. They work on refrigeration units, plumbing, electrical systems, and commercial heating repair.

A mechanical contractor may design a plumbing and electrical scheme for a building. They may work alongside an architectural designer and engineers for this type of work. These contractors also install various systems, and when those systems break down, they repair them.

Most mechanical contractors have a specialty. Some, for example, work on commercial plumbing systems. They would install the pipes, tanks, water heaters, and sanitary lines in a building. If the building owner wants to install a new plumbing appliance, like a water softener, a mechanical contractor could figure out the best way to integrate the water softener into the existing system.

What Are HVAC Contractors?

HVAC contractors are a subset of mechanical contractors. In other words, they are mechanical contractors who specifically work on HVAC equipment. Some of their core duties are installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning and commercial heating systems.

HVAC contractors work with more than furnaces and AC units — especially in a commercial setting. They also install ventilation equipment, such as central fans and dehumidifiers. They can also install and maintain heat pumps, which have become quite common in recent years.

You may see the term “HVAC mechanical contractor” sometimes. This is interchangeable with the term “HVAC contractor.” However, we do like the term “HVAC mechanical contractor because it makes it clear that these contractors are in a specialized field under the mechanical contractor umbrella.

Who Should You Call?

When you have a problem with your building’s heating, cooling, or ventilation systems, call an HVAC mechanical contractor. You should also call an HVAC contractor if you’re unhappy with the temperature or humidity regulation in your space. They can look over your current systems and recommend the best upgrades.

If your electrical system is acting up, then you want to call an electrician or an electrical contractor. And if you’re having trouble with your plumbing, then you should call a plumber. Some mechanical contracting companies offer a range of these services. If you call and request a service they don’t offer, they can generally refer you to a company that does offer that service.

Hopefully, this article has cleared up the confusion that exists with the terms “mechanical contractor” and “HVAC contractor.” If you’re looking for commercial HVAC service company in the Philadelphia area, contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc.