Commercial spaces are quite different from residential spaces. Not only are commercial spaces typically larger, but they also tend to get more traffic. Plus, many commercial buildings are prone to higher humidity levels due to various equipment or manufacturing processes. All of these differences mean that commercial spaces require different heating equipment than residential spaces. There are a few common types of commercial heating equipment worth learning about.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are HVAC units that can both heat and cool, depending on the setting. On heat mode, they gather heat from the outdoor air and pump it into your space. Heat pumps are all electric, which makes them a good choice for commercial businesses when natural gas is not available.

The downside to heat pumps is that they can’t always keep up during the extreme cold weather and backup electric heat will kick in costing more money to operate.

Rooftop Units

A rooftop or package heating and cooling units are a large piece of equipment that sits on your building’s roof. The unit allows some fresh air intake and heats and cools it, and then pushes the conditioned  air into your space through a series of dampers and ducts.

A rooftop heating and cooling unit will help you save space, which can be helpful in a busy commercial space. Another advantage of this system is the fact that it’s quiet. You and your customers won’t hear much, which makes rooftop units a good choice for quieter businesses such as stores, yoga studios, and schools.

The downside to rooftop units is that they can be prone to storm damage, especially in regions that get high winds and snowfall.

VAV Units

VAV stands for “variable air volume.” This is a type of HVAC system that blows air at a constant temperature but at varying volumes. So, on a really cold day, the system will blow a lot of warm air. On a less cold day, the same system will blow a smaller amount of warm air.

VAV systems tend to be highly efficient, which makes them more affordable to operate. In large commercial spaces, such a unit can save you a lot of energy. These systems are also easy to install and maintain.

If you’d like to learn more about commercial heating and cooling near me or have one of these systems installed in your commercial space, contact H & H Commercial Services to schedule an appointment. Our dependable technicians can look over your space and make a recommendation.