One of the largest contributors to your operational expenses, an energy efficient heating system reduces your utility costs, ensuring a comfortable, healthy working environment for employees. Whether your corporate workspace is under construction, or your current system is constantly in need of commercial heating repairs, opportunities abound for savings that add up to a beefier bottom line.

For Savings, Health & Comfort, there are an Array of Systems to Suit Your Needs

Talk to your HVAC Mechanical contractor to discuss which of these options offers the best fit for your business’ specialized needs…

  • Rooftop or ‘Packaged’ Units
    Rooftop units package every component into a single cabinet, connecting directly to ductwork, as opposed to the indoor and outdoor components common in the standard residential HVAC system. Their rooftop placement offers a space saving solution for commercial establishments. In addition to space savings, rooftop systems are also easier to install and service, saving on labor, and out-of-the-way, decreasing interruptions and distractions when service is necessary. A knowledgeable provider of commercial HVAC repair and service in Philadelphia can help you decide from the numerous types of commercial packaged heating units available, including:


    1. Gas-powered
    2. Electric
    3. Modular units, which can be added to as your business expands.
    4. Single or multi-zone systems for improved comfort and energy savings.
    5. Specialty designs, build specifically for your industry’s needs.
  • Heat Pumps
    An increasingly popular heating solution for businesses in moderately cold regions like Philadelphia, heat pumps are capable of providing both heating and cooling, saving the cost off installing and maintaining two separate systems. Today’s technologically advanced systems provide double the performance of older heat pump models, making them one of the most efficient ways to heat your commercial space. Moving, not generating heat, they carry heat from a warm place (the air outdoors, or the earth) to a cold one (your office), and vice-versa in the summer. With the capacity for year-round use, better humidity control, 1.5-times the heating punch of electrical-resistance and oil-based heat sources, and an array of advantages over flame and fume-producing combustion heating options, heat pumps offer a highly-efficient, space saving, and versatile heating solution. Ask your commercial service company about the following options, and which might be right for your property:
  1. Air-Source Heat Pumps
    Pulling warmth from the air, air-source heat pumps are commonly found in homes and businesses nationwide.
  2. Ground or Water-Source Heat Pumps
    If air-source heat pumps are efficient, water-source heat pumps are more efficient still, reducing energy consumption 25-50% over air-source options. These systems take advantage of the consistent temperatures of the earth and below-ground water sources, transferring heat into, or out of your business, depending on the season. Need water heating too? Ground and water-source heat pumps provide this as an added advantage.

From commercial heating, to commercial chiller repairing and maintenance, the experts at H&H Commercial Services have you covered. Ensure the health and comfort of your employees. Contact us today.