A poorly maintained HVAC system can drastically impair production and efficiency within any commercial setting. To avoid costly downtime, it’s important to have well-qualified commercial HVAC contractors service your HVAC system. H&H Commercial Services, Inc. has provided five tips for hiring the right contractor for your business.

1. Check Their Credentials 

The most important thing you can do for the health of your company’s heating and cooling system is to make sure that your HVAC service provider has the correct credentials in place. This includes:

  • Any state and federal licenses
  • Proof they are bonded and insured
  • Certifications for servicing the equipment you have

2. Get Referrals and References 

Ask other businesses, friends, and family who they would recommend for your commercial system. They may have first hand experience working with commercial HVAC contractors and can give you a good understanding of how they will work for you. Once you have a short list, contact those companies and request references. Reputable commercial HVAC contractors will have a readily available list of current customers who are willing to vouch for the company.

3. Review the Estimates

Be very weary of companies that provide estimates based only on the information you give them over the phone. These types of estimates often result in the service costing a lot more than expected due to unknown variables. To ensure the best estimate for your job, the contractor should come to your business and inspect the system. This will allow them to give you a more accurate estimate and prevent unexpected expenses.

4. Ensure They Have the Experience 

There are dozens of systems in commercial settings, with new options entering the market as technology advances. If your contractor doesn’t have experience with your business’s HVAC system, repairs may take more time, cost more money, and require additional service soon after. Prevent this risk by making sure your commercial HVAC contractor is experienced with your make and model.

5. Additional Products or Services

HVAC systems can be expensive, to protect your investment, your contractor should have product and labor guarantees. Maintenance contracts can also protect your system by ensuring timely routine service.

To learn more about what makes a reputable commercial HVAC contractor, or to request a free service quote for your Philadelphia tri-state area home or business, please contact the experts at H&H Commercial Services, Inc. today.