Regardless of the outdoor temperature, plants tend to do best at temperatures in the 70s. Even if there is a brief disruption in temperature, it can take weeks for plants’ growth rate to recover. So, as winter continues on, keeping your grow room warm should be a top priority. How do you go about doing that? Here are some top tips for better grow room climate control in the chilly winter months.

Increase Your Lighting Time

When the lights in a grow room are on, the space tends to stay a lot warmer, even when it is downright bitter outside. So, you may want to consider leaving your lights on for a bit longer than usual in the winter. When cannabis plants are in their vegetative growth phase, they can tolerate up to 24 hours of light.

Along with increasing your lighting time, however, you must make sure you have a good, adjustable thermostat in your grow room. You need the thermostat to detect the room’s temperature so the heat only kicks on when necessary. Otherwise, you risk over-heating the space when both the lights and the heater are on. If you still have an old, dial-style thermostat, have a local commercial HVAC service company come install a modern,WiFi-compatible model.

Improve Insulation

The role of insulation is to trap heat inside the space. The better your insulation, the more even the temperature will remain inside your grow room.

There are a few easy ways to improve your grow room insulation without spending a fortune. Consider placing your equipment on a cheap rug or carpet, rather than directly on concrete floors. If you have a grow tent, you could also wrap it in a large blanket or blankets.

Add a Fan Heater

A fan heater is an accessory heating device that can blow warm air directly onto your plants. This can be a good addition to your grow room setup if you’re in a really cold climate and are struggling to keep your space warm enough. However, fan heaters can damage a plant if your air is dry. For this reason, it is wise to work with a commercial HVAC repair and service company to make sure your humidity levels are safe for your plants. If your humidity is low, they may recommend installing a humidifier along with the fan heater.

Warm Your Nutrients

When you’re feeding plants liquid nutrient preparations, you must make sure the nutrients are at the same temperature as your room. If they are too cold, they can freeze and damage the plants’ roots. So, make sure the area where you store your nutrients and water is heated to the same temperature as your grow room. This may mean having a commercial HVAC mechanical contractor install an additional heater in your storage area.

Keep your grow room warm this winter, and your plants will thank you. Follow the tips above, and contact H & H Commercial Services if you’re looking for commercial heating and air conditioning repair services.