Time for spring HVAC maintenance? To ensure your commercial heating and cooling system will run reliably throughout the summer, you will have to tackle a long preventive maintenance checklist. When managing your system’s preventive maintenance needs, make sure you don’t overlook these key tasks. Some tasks are easily handled by your in-house maintenance crew, while some will require the expertise of trusted commercial HVAC contractors in NJ.

As Soon as Weather Warms Tackle these In-House Tasks

  • Clean debris surrounding the exterior unit, including weeds, leaves, and trash that can thwart airflow to the system.
  • Change your HVAC filter. Dirty filters force your system to work harder, costing you in energy dollars and shortening system lifespan.
  • Check the drains for blockages and the drain pan for signs of mold and rust.
  • Check coolant levels, and if low, contact an HVAC pro to top them off.

Schedule Annual Preventive Maintenance for a Commercial HVAC Pro

After you have completed the above in-house tasks, schedule annual maintenance you’re your local commercial HVAC company. Professionally trained and experienced, they can identify common and uncommon heating and air conditioning issues. What can a pro manage your maintenance team cannot?

  • Identify wiring issues and damage.
  • Perform a voltage test.
  • Inspect for damage and lubricate the moving parts in your system.
  • Check belts for wear and tear or dry rot.
  • Check coolant levels and safely add/remove the appropriate coolant.
  • Add cooling system additives necessary for protecting system components from corrosion.
  • Safely clean internal and external components, including the evaporator and condenser coils and ignition system.
  • Repair or replace severely bent coils.
  • Check your thermostat and zoning for proper settings and function.
  • Perform any needed repairs uncovered during the inspection before weather extremes hit.

Don’t Let Preventive Maintenance Needs Slide

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but your business will come to a screeching halt if your system goes down due to neglected maintenance. Annual preventive maintenance in the spring and fall, before weather extremes occur, can save your business time and money. Routine maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdown up to 95%, so you won’t be on the long list of those waiting for emergency commercial heating and cooling repair in a heat wave or snow storm. With your system running at peak efficiency, you can also reduce your energy expenditures and carbon footprint, saving up to 30% on monthly energy costs according the Department of Energy. Routine maintenance also extends the life of your system, reducing the likelihood you’ll need to replace your commercial system anytime soon. It also helps you maintain factory warranty coverage, showing proof you properly care for your system and its costly components.

Having a hard time keeping up with commercial HVAC maintenance needs? Simplify things with the help of the commercial heating and cooling contractors at H&H Commercial Services. Learn more about our affordable and convenient maintenance agreements today.