Summer will be here before you know it! You’re probably excited for the warmer weather, longer days, and family vacations this season tends to bring. But as summer approaches, it’s important to also spend some time on maintenance — particularly AC maintenance. This is the best time of year to call your commercial HVAC contractors and schedule AC service. Here are a few major benefits of doing so.

Fewer Repairs in the Summer

Having your air conditioning system fail in the middle of summer is a real hassle. In some industries, this may mean you have to close down for a few days or send employees home until the commercial HVAC repair company can come out.

Scheduling maintenance for your AC system prior to summer means you’re less likely to need repairs later on. Your HVAC contractor will notice any minor issues, giving you a chance to repair them before your system fails completely. Plus, maintenance keeps your AC unit running more smoothly and reduces the wear and tear that will ultimately lead to breakdowns.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy bills tend to go up in the summer when you’re using the AC. This can eat into your profits and lower your bottom line. Maintaining your AC unit keeps it running efficiently, which will keep your energy bills more manageable. Your commercial HVAC service company will lubricate moving parts, clean the filters, and clear the condensate drain, all of which improve efficiency. Running a green business is becoming more and more important, and reducing your energy use is a key step in going green.

Longer-Lasting Equipment

Replacing a commercial AC unit can be quite costly. Eventually, all AC units grow old and need to be replaced, but you often want to delay this for as long as possible. Regular AC maintenance helps you do that. If you have your AC unit professionally maintained each year, it will remain in better condition and last longer. This gives you more time to financially plan for its replacement.

Warranty Preservation

Commercial AC equipment usually comes with a fairly good warranty. However, the warranty terms often specify that the system needs to be maintained on a regular schedule in order for the warranty to be honored. So, if you have your AC unit maintained, you can be more confident that if something goes wrong later on, the repairs will be covered under warranty.

Read through your own warranty for the specifics. Also, supply your HVAC company with a copy of the warranty if they don’t already have one. This way, they can make sure they complete any specific maintenance tasks it requires.

With summer approaching, it’s time to contact commercial HVAC mechanical contractors Philadelphia business owners trust. Schedule your AC maintenance appointment, and look forward to the benefits above. The professionals at H & H Commercial Services, Inc. are ready to help.