Summer is a demanding season for your commercial HVAC system. Your air conditioner and central fan work hard throughout this season to keep your building cool and dehumidified. So how can you best care for and maintain your commercial HVAC system in the summer? Here are some top tips from our commercial heating and cooling repair contractors.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Appointment

Even if you’re used to doing your own maintenance, it is a good idea to schedule a professional HVAC maintenance appointment at some time during the summer. A commercial HVAC services company can lubricate all moving parts inside your air conditioner and HVAC appliances. They can tighten loose bolts, check your electrical connections, and make sure all of your vents are working properly. This professional maintenance can help prevent the need for repairs as summer goes on.

Clean Around Your HVAC Equipment

Makes sure the area around your HVAC equipment is clear. This is especially important outside. Clear away any leaves or debris that are pushed up against your equipment. Trim back bushes, and pull any weeds. This will help ensure your AC unit gets plenty of airflow, which will keep it running efficiently.

Change Your Air Filters More Often

In the spring and summer, your air filters will last a while. But in the summer when your air conditioner is working extra hard, you’ll want to change your air filters once a month. Fresh, clean filters trap more dirt, which means less dirt accumulates on your equipment. Clean equipment typically lasts longer and uses less energy.

Clear Your Condensate Drains

Commercial air conditioners produce quite a lot of condensation as they pull moisture from your indoor air. All of this condensation is sent down a tube and into a condensate drain. Locate this drain, and make sure it is clear. If you see any gunk in or around the drain, clear it away. If you ever see puddles under your HVAC equipment, that means your condensate drain tube is probably clogged. A commercial air conditioning repair company can fix this problem quite easily.

Keep an Eye on Energy Use

Keep an eye on your energy consumption as summer rolls on. If your energy bills are significantly higher than in previous years, this points to a possible issue with your air conditioner or other HVAC equipment. Have an HVAC contractor come take a look. Making any necessary repairs at this early stage is usually easier than waiting for your system to fail completely.

Follow the tips above to take better care of your commercial HVAC system this summer. Consider further simplifying your routine by signing up for a commercial HVAC maintenance contract with H & H Commercial Services. We’ll inspect, maintain, and repair your commercial HVAC equipment so you don’t have to worry about it.