Summer often brings with it a decrease in air quality. Outdoor humidity levels rise, which means your indoor humidity is likely to rise, too. Wildfire smoke and air pollutants are also growing concerns in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You want the air that you, your customers, and your employees breathe to be as clean and healthy as possible. So how do you improve your indoor air quality in the summer months? Work with a commercial HVAC service, and follow these key steps.

Step 1: Change Your Air Filter

In the summer when your HVAC system is working overtime, make sure you change the filter every 1 – 2 months. If smoke from the Canadian wildfires has affected your area, you may need to change your filters even more frequently. A new air filter will do a better job of trapping contaminants so they don’t keep circulating through your space. Consider buying a whole stack of filters at once. This way, you always have one on hand when it’s time for a swap.

Step 2: Depend on Your Dehumidifier

If you do not already have a dehumidifier, this is the perfect time to have one installed. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from your indoor air so your space does not feel so sticky and humid. You’ll have an easier time breathing, and you’ll also feel cooler – even if you don’t change the thermostat setting.

If you have a pool in your building, make sure your indoor pool humidity control system is working properly. If your pool area seems overly humid, have a commercial HVAC repair service come look it over. They can maintain your pool room dehumidifier and make any required repairs. If you can keep the humidity in your pool room under better control, your whole building will be less humid.

Step 3: Keep Windows and Doors Closed

When it’s nice outside, you may be tempted to open the windows. But this is one of the worst things you can do for air quality in the summer. You’ll let in humidity and pollutants, forcing your air conditioner to work overtime to cool off the space and clean the air again. Keep the windows closed, and all air that enters your space will first have to pass through your HVAC system’s filter, which will result in cleaner, less humid air.

Try to reduce the amount of time that doors are left open, too. Remind employees to close exterior doors behind themselves. Consider installing self-close hinges if your doors do not already have them.

Follow the steps above, and you’ll breathe easier this summer. If you’re looking for commercial HVAC contractors in the Philadelphia area, get in touch with H & H Commercial Services. We’ll help you improve your indoor air quality during this hot and humid season.