Are you looking for ways to reduce your commercial heating and cooling expenses? We love helping our customers save money. There are many ways to reduce your monthly energy expenditures, and one of them is by shutting down your commercial heating system over the summer.

Turning Off Your Heating System is Not the Same as Shutting it Down

Of course, you won’t be running your commercial heating system in the middle of the summer. But turning off the system is not the same as shutting it down. A complete shut down involves turning off gas and electrical power at the source, preventing energy from being wasted over the warm weather season.

Why Does My Heating System Use Energy When It’s Off?

It is unnecessary to leave the pilot light, which is used to ignite the burners of your furnace in the winter, lit throughout the summer months. To do so wastes energy. To prevent this scenario, cut the supply of gas to the furnace by shutting the valve so that the pilot light goes out – and stays out. It will save you about $50 per year, which adds up over the life of your furnace. It is also a good safety precaution.

In addition to turning off the gas, you should also cut the electrical. Components such as your system’s sensors needlessly draw power over the course of the summer. Dubbed “vampire power” this is another wasted expense. To ensure your commercial heating system is off, be sure to turn it off at the breaker panel. This will also prevent it from being accidentally turned on if someone is tinkering with the thermostat settings, as so often happens in office temperature wars between coworkers.

What to Do If You Have a Central HVAC with a Furnace and AC

Our commercial HVAC contractors know if you have a central HVAC system with a commercial air conditioner and furnace sharing blower and electrical components, you obviously can’t shut your heater down completely – unless you plan on sweating out the summer with no air. In this case, a partial shut down is in order. To do this, turn off only the gas to the furnace. Then your system will have access to the electrical power needed to run the AC without wasting fuel on running the furnace pilot light.

Maintenance is Essential Before Furnace Shut Down

If your commercial heating system barely made it through the season or has obvious repair issues, don’t let heating system maintenance wait. Contact your local commercial HVAC repair and service company now. You don’t want to get left out in the cold in the event of a surprise spring cold snap or early fall snow. It’s always better to be proactive when your furnace is under the weather.

Ensure your commercial heating system is performing efficiently all season long – even when it’s hibernating. Contact H & H Commercial Services to schedule seasonal furnace maintenance today.