Do recent events have you questioning your recent choice of HVAC contractor? The local heating and air conditioning service professionals at H & H have cleaned up a lot of messes left behind by shady contractors. Is your current contractor out to take your money and run? Watch out for these signs you need a quality HVAC contractor on your side.

No Written Estimate

Without a detailed written contract, you will have no idea if you are getting what you are paying for. A written contract and estimate, noting specific materials and completion date, ensure you and your HVAC contractor are on the same page.

Contractor’s List of References Unreachable

If you can’t reach any references, or your contractor cannot give you any, it doesn’t bode well. Even if someone claims to be just starting out, your heating and air conditioning system one of the largest investments you’ll make in your home – pass for someone with more experience.

Cash-Only Payment Requirement

A contractor who only accepts cash is not someone who wants your lasting business. These shady characters know payment by credit card or check affords you more options should a dispute arrive. Without documentation, it’s your word against theirs should you pursue legal action, and you’ll have difficulty recouping expenses.

High Down Payment

Down payments are normal, as contractors have materials and workers to contend with. However, the state of Pennsylvania regulates the amount of money contractors can collect for down payment, limiting it at 50%. If any contractor requests more than 50% down up-front, this should set off alarm bells.

No Credentials

All professionals should have a physical address where you can track them down should things go awry. They should also belong to professional associations and have earned certifications in their field, such as those from NATE or the EPA. Good contractors also warranty their work and products for years, not months. Remember: You get what you pay for.

No License or Insurance

Always ask to see licensing and insurance before any work begins, even with emergency HVAC service. These are required by law in most states. Reputable contractors typically post them on estimates, vehicles, and business cards. You don’t want a shady contractor’s damages or injuries to end up as a claim against your insurance policy.

They Tell You No Permits are Necessary

Most municipalities require permitting for work. One reason for this is to make sure the contractor doing the work actually has a license!

Excessive Outsourcing

While it is common to outsource jobs that require significant specialty knowledge, such as electrical, if you have a surplus of contractors running through your home, you have cause for concern. Are these contractors licensed and background-checked?

Safeguard your system and your finances with heating and air conditioning service and maintenance you can count on. Get back on track with the A+ BBB and Angie’s List Super Service Award-winning services of H & H Heating & Cooling today.