Your commercial HVAC filter plays an important role. It filters dust and debris out of the air that circulates through your space. In this way, it helps keep both your building and your HVAC equipment clean. However, commercial HVAC filters do not last forever. Eventually, they become saturated with debris and need to be changed. The following are a few key signs that it’s time to change your commercial HVAC filter.

1. It’s been more than three months.

Most businesses need to change their HVAC filters every three months. This is true of stores, office buildings, and most medical and health centers. If it has been more than three months since you changed your HVAC filter, installing a new one will help restore your system’s efficiency. You won’t have to call a commercial HVAC repair company as often if you change your filters on schedule, either.

In order to stay on schedule with future filter changes, try buying several filters at once. This way, you always have a spare on hand. Also, write the filter change dates into your schedule, or set up phone/email reminders.

2. It’s been more than a month in a “dirty” facility.

If you run a business that produces a lot of debris, then it’s a good idea to change your HVAC filters monthly. This guideline applies in most manufacturing businesses, and also in auto shops and other repair shops. Once a filter gets clogged, it will no longer do its job. Debris will start to build up in the air, which is not healthy in facilities like these. Regular filter changes make for a happier, healthier workplace.

3. Your energy bills have gone up.

If your energy bills have gone up, this could be because you’re not changing your air filter often enough. Once the filter becomes clogged, the system has to work harder to push air through the filter, which drives your energy bills up. Change your filter, and see if your energy bills go down. If they do not, have a commercial HVAC mechanical contractor come look at your system. You may need some other, minor repairs to restore efficiency.

High energy bills can also mean your filter is too restrictive. Filters with a high MERV rating catch a lot of small debris, but they also restrict airflow too much for some systems. Ask your commercial HVAC service company to recommend filters with the ideal MERV rating for your needs.

4. Your space is dirty.

Have you begun to notice more dust accumulating on your surfaces? This means you need to change your air filter. You may also benefit from switching to a more effective filter — one with a slightly higher MERV rating. These filters capture smaller particulate debris, leading to cleaner air.

Change your filters regularly, and you’ll reduce your need for HVAC repairs. With that being said, feel free to contact H & H Commercial Services if your HVAC equipment is struggling. We offer commercial heating and air conditioning repair Philadelphia residents can trust.