Winter is coming, and with it will come plenty of snow and ice. While snow can be beautiful, it can also be a threat to your HVAC equipment if you don’t take adequate steps to protect your system. As a commercial HVAC service company, we’re here to explain why protecting your equipment from snow and ice is so important. Here are three key reasons to safeguard your HVAC system this season.

1. Ice Can Cause Mechanical Damage

Allowing ice to build up on your outdoor AC unit, or on other outdoor HVAC equipment, can cause serious mechanical damage to that equipment. When temperatures are a bit warmer, water can work its way into little cracks and crevices in the equipment. Then, when the ice freezes, it expands. In doing so, it can pull apart components or loosen screws and other fasteners. This can happen not only on the outside of the unit but with interior components like the motor, too.

Ice can also damage HVAC equipment by falling on it. As commercial heating and air conditioning repair contractors, we’ve repaired units that have been dented or broken by falling icicles. So, if your equipment is positioned under gutters or a roof ledge, it will need a strong cover or overhang to protect it from falling ice in the winter.

2. Ice and Snow Lead to Rust

Most HVAC equipment is made to resist rusting, but eventually, long-term exposure to snow and ice can cause rust to form anyways. You’ll see rust start to form on the outside of your unit. In this case, you can have the unit sealed or painted by a commercial HVAC repair and service company to protect against additional rusting. However, when rust appears on the interior components of your HVAC equipment, you may not find out about it until the unit fails.

This is one reason why covering your outdoor HVAC equipment in preparation for winter is so important. Wait for a dry day to do this maintenance so you don’t trap moisture against the unit.

3. Ice and Snow Reduce Airflow

If you have a heat pump, then it will be working all winter to heat your commercial space. You don’t want ice and snow to build up on or around it, as this will limit airflow into and through the unit. Limited airflow may mean your building does not receive the heat it needs. However, the lack of airflow can also cause additional wear and tear on the HVAC equipment over time. For example, it can cause pressure to build up in the blower unit, making the motor work harder to push out air.

If you take good care and protect your HVAC equipment throughout the winter season, the equipment will continue to serve you well. Rely on commercial HVAC mechanical contractors to make repairs and updates as needed. Don’t hesitate to contact H&H Heating and Air Conditioning if you need to make an appointment.