Time to upgrade or install a new commercial heating & cooling system? We’ve got the information you need to make the best choice for your business, helping you understand the comfort, efficiency, performance, and initial investment costs of top commercial system styles.

Tried & True Tech: Commercial Boilers

Boilers are the oldest heating technology, used for over 200 years, though technology has infinitely improved. Today’s boilers have a smaller footprint and less piping than their predecessors, and are easier to install and service. They can adapt to outdoor weather, adjust to user comfort needs, and heat multiple building segments to specified requirements. Boilers cost more initially, but offer a faster return-on-investment compared to other options, saving money on monthly utility costs.

Popular & Affordable: Rooftop Unit (RTU)

RTUs offer heating and cooling for commercial buildings. They have been in use for decades, controlling the climate in approximately 40% of all commercial buildings. The main advantage of RTUs is simple implementation. Once connected to power and ductwork, they are ready to go.

Another advantage is their ability to precisely maintain comfort and air quality in ways previously available only in more sophisticated systems. Direct-drive fans and a moderated wheel speed allow for precise, incremental adjustments in single and multi-zone variable air volume systems, as well as dedicated outdoor air systems with demand-control ventilation modulation.

Rooftop units are flexible and customizable on-demand, with the ability to control temperature, ventilation, and overall airflow to every unique space. This flexibility of design translates into improved performance, energy savings, and minimized commercial repair and service. ‘Smart’ software and control allow contractors to login remotely to investigate service and maintenance needs.

RTUs offer a simpler installation and have a lower initial cost compared to similar systems, however, costs vary depending on the application. Packaged systems for single-story rooftop installations go in quickly and easily, with little issue. Systems can also be enhanced with modulating gas burners, ECM direct-drive fans, and inverter compressors for improved performance and savings.

Innovative & Environmentally Friendly: VRF Systems

Variable refrigerant flow, or VRF systems, entered the U.S. market about 10 years ago. They offer simultaneous heating and cooling using a heat recovery method. This method provides precise temperature control, the lowest energy costs among comparable systems, eliminates the need for a separate heating system, and reduces environmental impact.

VRF systems are not only extremely efficient, they are also flexible. VRF systems can be designed as ducted, ductless, or hybrid systems (with gas or boiler-based heating), making them the perfect choice for projects where traditional systems aren’t compatible. These systems are also cost-effective, requiring few structural, mechanical, and electrical alterations for installation.

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