Rising Temperatures Call for AC in Schools. How to Deal With It?This summer has been a hot one! As schools resume classes, kids and teachers are struggling to deal with the lingering heat. Cool fall days are ahead, but there are still a few weeks of sweltering summer temperatures to navigate, first. These heat waves has educators and school administrators across the country considering how they can add commercial air conditioning to their buildings.

Many school HVAC systems are not designed in a way that makes it easy to add central air. In most cases, the best way to add air conditioning to schools is with wall-mounted units. Here are some key points to keep in mind as you explore this option for your school.

What Are Wall-Mounted AC Units?

Wall-mounted air conditioners are individual air handling units that are installed through the walls. These units are designed to cool a single room. Cool air enters the room directly through these units; there is no need for ducts. Each unit is controlled separately via its own thermostat. This way, each teacher can individually control the temperature of their own classroom.

Where Do the Wall-Mounted AC Units Go?

Wall-mounted units are typically positioned high up on the wall, only a few inches from the ceiling. This way, they are out of the way. This high placement also makes for good dispersement of the cool air. It won’t be blown directly on students. Cooling a room from the top down tends to lead to more even temperatures throughout the space.

What About Bigger Spaces?

For larger spaces, such as the school cafeteria or gym, your air conditioner service contractor may recommend a larger commercial air conditioner. Some schools are having a commercial rooftop air conditioner installed to cool their large, central areas, and then having wall-mounted units installed separately in the classrooms. A rooftop AC unit can adequately cool a large gym or conference area, and it won’t take up any unnecessary space in your building. The cooled air can be blown down from the ceiling, which will bring temperatures down quickly.

What Maintenance Do Commercial Air Conditioners Require?

Whether your school chooses to install a rooftop air conditioner, wall-mounted units, or both, it’s important to maintain the equipment to keep it working properly. Sign up for a commercial air conditioner service contract. An HVAC contractor will periodically lubricate all moving parts, check refrigerant levels, change filters, and perform other necessary HVAC maintenance. Annual maintenance contracts are affordable and will save you money on repairs over time.

As temperatures rise, air conditioning in schools will become more and more important. If you’re thinking of having AC installed in your school, search for “commercial HVAC company near me” and get started today. Contact H & H Commercial Services for HVAC work in the Philadelphia area and beyond.