Restaurant HVAC Design: Things to considerIn any restaurant, proper heating and cooling are essential – not just for your guests’ comfort, but also for the safety and comfort of your kitchen staff. Unfortunately, restaurants are not the easiest spaces to fit with HVAC systems. There are several challenges to contend with, including the heat that comes from the kitchen and the need for extra ventilation. Commercial HVAC mechanical contractors with experience in the restaurant industry are familiar with these challenges and have plenty of ways to address them.

Here are some top things you, as a restaurant owner or manager, should consider as you work with an HVAC contractor to design your system.

Split Systems Work Well

In many restaurants, a split system is a good choice for the kitchen and back of house. This type of HVAC system does not have ducts. Instead, you have air handlers that are mounted through the wall. Have a split system installed in the back, and run a central HVAC system through the dining room and public spaces. This way, heat from the kitchen won’t affect the operation of the central HVAC system up front.

Split systems also work well in kitchens because the equipment takes up little space. The air handler can be mounted high up on the wall where it’s out of the way.

Focus on Good Ventilation

You need good vent hoods in your kitchen, and you need to maintain them so they keep working effectively and efficiently. Not only will they exhaust a lot of heat from your stove and fryers, but they’ll also remove particulate matter and grease from the air. This will help keep your other HVAC equipment, like your air handlers, clean and working well. Sign up for a commercial HVAC service contract to save yourself time.

Install a Makeup Air Unit

Vent hoods exhaust a lot of air from your space as they work. To bring air back into your space, you will need a makeup air unit. This is a relatively simple piece of HVAC equipment that pushes clean, filtered air into your building. It can be configured with your heater and air conditioner. This way, the makeup air will be heated or cooled to the needed temperature before it enters your restaurant. A good makeup air unit will keep the kitchen from feeling too “stuffy.”

Consider Changes to the Duct Layout

If you’re renovating an older building, consider searching for a “commercial HVAC company near me” to make adjustments to the duct placement. This is especially important in the dining area. Make sure the vents are evenly spaced, and avoid placing them in areas where cold or hot air will blow directly on guests.

Keep these tips in mind, and work with a commercial HVAC mechanical contractor to make sure your restaurant’s HVAC system is set up properly. Contact H & H Commercial Services if you have any other questions.