With the temperatures now rising across the country, many office building owners are looking for ways to reduce the cost of running their HVAC equipment. It’s a continual struggle to pay rising energy prices throughout the year for building owners. By working with trusted HVAC professionals, office building owners can reduce their heating and cooling expenditure. In this latest post, our commercial HVAC service experts explore several ways for building owners to reduce their office heating and cooling costs.

1. Commit to HVAC maintenance

Many building owners face rising energy costs as a result of inefficient equipment. Dust and other elements can enter HVAC systems and prevent them from pushing the optimal amount of air out. Their systems are then having to work harder to achieve an average airflow. Over time, the dust and other contaminants within the HVAC systems cause equipment to fail. Professional maintenance can help resolve this common challenge.

2. Use Natural Light

Building owners can also reduce their heating costs by using the natural light entering the property. The sun’s rays naturally heat up areas throughout the building and so office teams can open up curtains and blinds facing the sun to reduce their reliance on HVAC systems during winter. To maintain a cool environment in the summer, building owners can mitigate the amount of sun entering their property by closing the blinds. These simple actions can help save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling for the average office building!

3. Improve Building Insulation

A large amount of air is lost to the roof when the building’s insulation is in poor condition. It’s important to work with local experts to determine how much air is being lost through the roof. The local company can then repair any leaks and gapsto ensure the building remains at the optimal temperature throughout the coming years.

4. Monitor Thermostat Use

One of the most common reasons for rising energy bills in the modern office is the over use of the building thermostat. Building owners must make sure those overseeing the use of the thermostat understand the importance of limiting energy use. Try to make sure that thermostats are programmed so that cool air is not being used when the building is unoccupied during the summer, and warm air isn’t over used during the winter.

Our trusted H&H Commercial Services team is here to guide you in reducing energy costs within your office building! As a leading local commercial HVAC service specialist, we can help identify improvements for your building’s equipment and help you minimize energy expenditure throughout the year. Our experts are available around the clock to offer their guidance and to create maintenance programs customized to your building and your unique system needs. To discover more, contact our experts now