Where there is moisture, there will be mold. If you own or operate a commercial pool facility, you’re likely more than familiar with this concept. Even pool operators who use chlorine properly and keep their facilities exceptionally clean sometimes find mold and mildew growing in certain places. How do you get rid of this mold and keep it from coming back? Well, it all starts with dehumidification.

Why Is Dehumidification Needed?

Humidity is moisture in the air. When you have a warm space with a big pool of water in it, you’re going to have a lot of moisture in the air; its inevitable. To make matters more complicated, pool areas tend to be quite closed up without a lot of ventilation from windows or otherwise. So, that humidity doesn’t really have anywhere to go. It starts to accumulate on surfaces, from pool chairs to walls. Then, eventually, mold and mildew start to grow on those always-moist surfaces.

A pool dehumidification service will install equipment that gives the humidity a place to go. This equipment pulls moisture out of the air, which allows the moisture on surfaces to evaporate. With a good dehumidification system, the surfaces in your pool area stay dryer, and you experience far less mold growth as a result.

What Are Pool Dehumidification Systems?

Maybe you’ve had a portable dehumidifier or even a whole-home dehumidifier in your house. Pool dehumidification systems are similar, but so much bigger and more powerful. They are made not just for commercial use, but for commercial use in some of the most humid places ever: pool rooms!

There are a few good brands that make pool dehumidification systems, but at H & H, we’re particularly fond of Dectron dehumidification systems. This brand allows a lot of room for customization. So, our technicians can come out and analyze your pool space, evaluating features such as the size of your pool, the volume of your room, your air and water temperature, and the ventilation rate. Based on their assessment, they can design a custom pool dehumidification system that will most effectively remove moisture from the air, preventing mold and mildew growth in the long-term.

What Upkeep Do Pool Dehumidification Systems Need?

Keeping your dehumidification system functioning well is essential for the ongoing prevention of mold growth. Luckily, these systems are not that difficult to maintain. We always recommend customers sign up for an HVAC service contract. Under such a contract, a technician will come out on a regular basis to inspect your dehumidifier, make adjustments, clean various components, and make minor repairs.

There’s nothing quite like a clean, mold-free pool room. If you have been struggling with mold of mildew in your pool area, contact H & H Commercial Services. The knowledgeable technicians at our commercial HVAC services company will evaluate your space and recommend the right dehumidification system for your needs.