Winter is coming, and with it will come plenty of snow, ice, and cold weather. Chances are, you’re taking steps to prepare your home and business for the change in seasons. Along the way, make sure you don’t forget your grow room.

Taking some time to focus on grow room climate control and winterization will pay off in spades. You’ll have healthier plants, a better harvest, and an easier time managing the weather-related trials of winter. Here are the three key ways to winterize your grow room.

1. Turn Off and Protect Your Air Conditioner

Especially if you’re in a region with hot summers, you likely relied on your air conditioner to keep your grow room a suitable temperature during the hottest months. Now that you won’t be using your AC, you need to turn the unit off and take steps to protect it from the elements. Doing so will help ensure the AC is in great shape and ready to serve you again once winter is over.

If you can disconnect your AC compressor and store it indoors, do so. Otherwise, have a commercial HVAC service company come out to service the unit and cover it properly for winter.

2. Beef Up Your Insulation

If your grow room is well insulated, you won’t have to rely on the heating system so heavily in the winter. This will mean lower energy bills. It will also mean that your HVAC equipment suffers less wear and tear, which will extend its lifespan and make it less prone to breakdowns and damage in the long run.

If your grow room walls are enclosed, blown-in insulation can be a convenient choice. It can be installed through a few tiny holes in the wall. Also make sure the weatherstripping along doors and windows is in tact and not leaky.

3. Warm Up Your Water

You probably fill your irrigation system with water that comes from the outdoors. In the winter, this water can be quite cold, which can shock your plants and limit their productivity. So, before winter comes, you should work with your commercial HVAC mechanical contractors to create a way to warm your water.

There are lots of ways to warm water intended for irrigation. You can install a heated, insulated box to store your houses in. Or, you could install a heater reservoir where the water is allowed to slowly warm up before being delivered to your plants. A commercial HVAC repair and service company can help you choose the best option for your setup.

Time spent winterizing your grow room is never wasted. If you need any help winterizing your grow room or improving its HVAC setup, contact H&H Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer commercial heating and air conditioning repair, and more.