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High-Performance PoolPak Dehumidification Systems. We are PoolPak Dealers and Service Technicians

PoolPak manufactures a full line of dehumidification systems designed for indoor pool applications. These high performance units are the systems of choice for leading architects and design engineers because of their efficient operation, energy savings, excellent performance and long-life construction.

H&H Commercial Services, Inc. recommends PoolPak’s dehumidification systems for optimum space and water conditions in addition to their reliable performance and durability. They offer total value for your investment and many customers report a full payback within two years of installation of certain systems. As a result of their proven approach, PoolPak dehumidifiers can be found in pool facilities, schools/universities and health facilities not just in Philadelphia City or nationally, but internationally as well.

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Our wide range of PoolPak solutions includes:

  • Both mechanical refrigeration and outside air systems: Mechanical refrigeration recycles the heat captured during dehumidification to heat the air or water while the outside air system effectively captures heat from the exhaust air stream.
  • PoolComPak engineered specifically for smaller applications: It is available in a variety of sizes and configurations with a moisture removal capacity of approximately 60lb/hr.
  • Customizable MPK and SWHP and VHR systems: They can be tailored to fit your particular facility and location. Basic units are available for dehumidification and heating while others can include exhaust and purge control.
  • High capacity, energy-efficient dehumidification systems: This includes the PoolPak HCDV and HCDH Series which will recycle heat back to the space, reducing energy costs.

Bring us your requirements and we will set you up with a PoolPak dehumidification system to meet your specific needs.

Contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc. now at 610-532-8745 to learn more about the PoolPak dehumidification solutions we offer.

Skilled Installation, Maintenance and Repair of PoolPak Dehumidification Systems and PoolPak parts

Quality of installation service is as important as that of your dehumidification system. Proper sizing, setup and calibration reduce the likelihood of performance issues, sudden breakdowns and expensive repairs. With H&H Commercial Services, Inc. you have the assurance that a trained and experienced technician will be deployed for the job. We carry genuine PoolPak Parts. Plus, we offer a skilled maintenance and repair service to keep your system in good working condition for years to come.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are proud to say that over the past 30 years our business has grown largely from referrals. You can count on us for the right advice.

Contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc. now at 610-532-8745 for the latest dehumidification systems in Philadelphia and the TriState Area from PoolPak and other trusted manufacturers.



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