Your choice of indoor pool dehumidification systems is an important one, with far reaching ramifications. Preventing mold proliferation, safeguarding your pool room’s structure and contents against corrosion and deterioration, and protecting you from high energy costs and system failure, matching the right dehumidifier to your precise application is key to ensuring longevity and satisfaction with the performance of each unique system. With so many on the market, however, the selection process can be quite confusing. How can you find the right indoor pool dehumidification system for your pool room?

Look to Industry Leaders in Pool Dehumidification

1. Dectron Dehumidification Units

A global provider of custom and semi-custom systems, Dectron specializes in dehumidification, indoor air quality (IAQ), and precision HVAC systems across a range of industries, from recreation and hospitality to medical and industrial applications. Offering some of the best humidity control solutions on the market today, Dectron solutions include…

A. Dectron Dry-O-Tron: This mechanical system controls humidity, re-harnessing energy by-products to maintain comfort.

B. Dectron Eco-Tron: This custom integrated system offers not only air conditioning and dehumidification, but integrates energy recovery techniques and serves as a makeup air system as well.

C. Dectron Circul-Aire: This single-source system can meet ASHRAE standards in multiple arenas: Comfort, humidity, air purification and ventilation.

ThemoPlus Air: Offering unique design solutions for custom and specialty applications.

2. PoolPak Dehumidification Units

PoolPak also offers an amazing line of indoor pool dehumidification systems designed for high performance, efficiency, and extended lifespan. Preferred by architects and engineers for value and rapid return on investment, PoolPak systems are found in pool facilities, schools, and healthcare facilities worldwide. PoolPak solutions include…

A. Mechanical Refrigeration & Outside Air Systems: These systems both recycle heat captured in the dehumidification process for heating air/water, and capture heat from the outside system’s exhaust stream.

B. Small Application Systems: With a moisture removal capacity of approximately 60lb/hour, these systems, engineered for less expansive applications, are available in a variety of sizes/configurations.

C. Customizable Systems: PoolPak’s MPK and SWHP and VHR systems offer custom-tailored solutions from dehumidification and heating to exhaust and purge control.

D. High-Capacity, High-Efficiency Systems: Choose from PoolPak’s HCDV and HCDH Series for optimal heat recycling and reduced energy costs.

Protect Your Investment with Professional Sizing & Installation

When selecting your system, be sure to seek out the expertise of commercial HVAC contractors you can trust who will take the time to determine your exact dehumidification, heating, indoor air quality, and ventilation needs. Proper sizing and installation safeguards comfort, performance, air quality, energy savings, and most importantly the warranty and longevity of your indoor pool dehumidification system investment.

For over 30 years, H&H Commercial Services has been providing superior HVAC, dehumidification, and indoor air quality solutions to residential and commercial customers in Philadelphia City and the surrounding area from industry-leading manufacturers like Dectron and PoolPak. Take advantage of our years of expertise, and let us help you find an indoor pool dehumidification system that’s the perfect fit for your space. Contact the comfort control experts at H & H Commercial Services today.