You don’t just want to grow cannabis. You want to grow high-quality cannabis. In order to achieve this goal, you of course need the best clones and the best nutrients, but you also need a good indoor environment. Dialing in your air quality, temperature, and humidity will allow you to grow a better crop, and perhaps also more crop. The following are some top tips that grow room hvac design experts recommend for better productivity.

1. Keep Your Humidity Closely Controlled

Controlling humidity in a grow room takes constant vigilance. After all, your plants give off moisture, take in moisture, and are affected by the levels of moisture in the air.

In the summer, your air conditioning system will remove excess moisture from the air. However, your commercial HVAC sevice company may also recommend installing a separate dehumidifier to remove more humidity. In the winter, when your AC is not running, this dehumidifier will work to keep your grow room humidity levels under control.

When considering your dehumidifier options, focus on high-efficiency models. They’ll keep your energy bills down and are better for the planet, too.

2. Seal Your Grow Room

Some people do grow successfully in unsealed grow rooms, but it is unlikely that their productivity will ever reach that of sealed grow rooms. By sealing your space, you gain far more control over the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and even the amount of light in the space.

Creating a sealed grow room does cost more up-front, and it may take you a while to dial in all of your parameters. But at the end of the day, you’ll be able to produce more cannabis and better-quality cannabis, and that will certainly help you recoup your costs in the form of larger profits.

3. Have a Ventilation System Professionally Installed

Of course, if you seal your grow room, you will need a ventilation system to bring fresh air in and allow stale air out. It’s a good idea to leave grow room ventilation setup to the professionals. They can make sure your system is properly sized for your space, which helps reduce the risk of inadequate ventilation.

There are a few different types of ventilation systems, but the best type is usually a hybrid system. Hybrid systems treat the outdoor air before allowing it in, removing all pathogens and pests. They also treat the exhaust air to remove odors, which your neighbors will likely appreciate. Commercial HVAC mechanical contractors Philadelphia residents trust can take a look at your grow room and recommend hybrid ventilation systems that may work well for you.

If you own or are building a grow room, make sure you work with a professional to design an air handling setup that gives you control over temperature, humidity, and air quality. Contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc. if you’re looking for a commercial heating and air conditioning repair Philadelphia service.