Your pool room can be the center of your home if properly dehumidified and maintained. If not, bad odors, corrosion, mold, condensation and structural deterioration can make your pool room an eyesore and a headache. Here is how to maintain the right temperatures and humidity levels in your pool room:

Get Expert Help In Choosing Pool Dehumidification Systems

The environment of a pool room is affected by external temperatures as well as evaporation. Most pools need heat to maintain comfortable 82 degrees in the water and 84 degrees in the room. In addition, expert dehumidification design must consider:

  • Size of the pool.
  • Shape and square footage of the room.
  • Type of pool.
  • Type and amount of use.
  • Outdoor temperatures and ranges of temperature seasonally.
  • How the agitation rate of the pool affects evaporation.

No one-size-fits-all solution will make sure your pool has efficient and effective dehumidification.  In the long run, you need a local expert in pool dehumidification systems and air ventilation to make sure that you pool system is best calibrated for the weather patterns of New Jersey and your particular situation.

Choose Factory Trained Technicians for Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

When choosing a company to set up or maintain your indoor pool area, you need to be sure that they have experience and the most up-to-date training. Pool room dehumidification is a complicated HVAC system which needs to take into account:

  • Space heating and cooling.
  • Temperature of water.
  • Humidity removal.
  • Ventilation of area.
  • Evaporation rate through agitation.
  • Water surface air evaporation.

Factory trained technicians are prepared to take all of these factors into consideration in order to select, calibrate, install and adjust a pool dehumidification system so that it works not only correctly, but efficiently. Optimal operation of the pool HVAC system will save money and also keep the equipment running longer.

Use Dehumidification Strategies Appropriate for East Coast Weather

Which system is best for you depends on your local weather. While the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey tend to have a moderate climate with warm and humid summers and fairly cold winters, the climatic variations in different regions mean that local expertise is important.  It is also important to choose high-quality pool dehumidification manufacturing brands which can handle complex situations, such as the state-of-the art companies:

  • Poolpak: an industry leader who has been developing and refining their equipment for over 45 years. Poolpak offers Virtual-Tech Plus that allows pool technicians to monitor the performance of your unit and receive error reports 24/7.
  • Dectron: focusing on health, Dectron offers top quality equipment to protect pool water chemistry and prevent condensation.
  • Desert Aire: provides competitively priced dehumidification systems with both high efficiency and long life.

Use Experienced Professionals to Maintain Your Indoor Pool

Maintaining a comfortable pool room temperature and humidity level will not only make your pool more useable, it will save time and money.  H & H Commercial Services, Inc. has years of experience helping pool owners keep their indoor pools in optimal condition all year long. Our experts know how to do correct HVAC sizing and systems set-up so you can control energy costs while preventing deterioration and costly repairs.