Don’t let caring for your cannabis crops burn a hole in your profit margin. Lower the cost of production with proper HVAC setup for grow rooms from the experts at H & H Commercial Services. Our grow room HVAC design experts have the industry knowledge you need to control energy costs while caring for your plants. Don’t settle for a sub-par system that has no chance of being energy efficient or worse – puts the health of your plants at risk. Ensure fast, consistent growth and healthy plants with a well-designed grow room climate control system.

The Right Size Grow Room HVAC System is Crucial for Cannabis Cultivation

Grow room HVAC systems must be properly sized to meet the needs of both sensible and latent loads, with the ability to modulate to meet the variable loads based on the life cycle of the plants. The impact of extremely low dew points must also be considered, as larger HVAC systems are a must to meet the latent load parameters necessary for precise grow room climate control. In some cases, systems may need to be sized up to twice as large as would normally be needed for other businesses with the same square footage.

A Grow Room Dehumidification System is a Critical Ally

CO2, grow lights, and irrigation creates moisture as a byproduct. But in grow rooms, excess moisture is the enemy, making grow room humidity control crucial to combatting mold and disease and raising healthy, thriving plants. Commercial dehumidification systems from brands like Desert Aire are the perfect addition to your grow room HVAC system setup. An integrated HVACD (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and dehumidification system) offers gains in efficiency and performance that are unsurpassed by that of standalone dehumidifiers, easily managing the critical variables of both sensible and latent loads. HVACD systems also reduce energy requirements, using energy recovery techniques to reduce electricity consumption.

Utility Rebates Make Grow Room HVAC Installation Affordable

Because reducing energy consumption and controlling greenhouse gas emissions is a primary goal across the nation, many incentives exist to help business owners mitigate the costs of installing energy-efficient grow room HVAC systems. Many utility companies offer rebates for updating to more energy-efficient designs. Our team specializes in helping businesses reap these incentives, designing highly efficient systems to meet their needs at the lowest operating costs, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Looking for ways to reduce grow room energy costs while maintaining your crops? Our HVAC mechanical contractors have the expertise and industry knowledge to tailor an energy-efficient climate control system to meet the unique needs of your operation. Contact H & H Commercial Services to schedule a complimentary system design consultation and installation estimate today.