Philadelphia Commercial HVAC Contractors

Our experts at H&H Commercial Services are committed to completing outstanding commercial HVAC repair and service work within properties throughout Philadelphia. Our trusted team works with the latest tools and technology to ensure top performance from your building’s HVAC equipment. This commitment means we can complete our work efficiently to ensure you save money on cooling and heating, and mitigate the impact of HVAC problems on those within your property.

Our Full Services Suite Includes:

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Ensuring the optimal building environment can keep your tenants comfortable and safe. Our experts have over 40 years’ experience within the heating and air conditioning maintenance field, and can offer comprehensive maintenance work. Our equipment expertise means we can also help you pinpoint new equipment for your building, to help you achieve efficient heating and cooling over many years. We offer the latest systems from top manufacturers such as Desert Aire, AAON, The Whalen Company, Carrier, York and Rheem.

Indoor pool dehumidification services

Selecting the ideal pool dehumidifier can help you to achieve a lasting return on investment. Our experts can help you to identify and install your perfect system by reviewing factors such as room volume and water temperature to optimize the process. Our factory-trained technicians install pool dehumidification products with the highest level of care and precision, and can help you save money on both integration and maintenance over the coming years.
Access to quality parts
We have access to a huge inventory of parts and accessories for the leading HVAC systems models. This means we can complete repair work within a quick timeframe, and respond on short notice to all emergency service needs. You can turn to H&H Commercial Services for outstanding equipment options designed by the leading companies in the field. Our team continually researches the marketplace to select equipment operating to the highest levels of performance. And we are available around the clock to offer our parts and equipment guidance.

Here at H&H Commercial Services, we set the standards for professionalism within the HVAC repair and installation field. We’ve been in the industry for over four decades now, and we’ve developed a refined services suite in response to the evolving requirements of commercial property operators. Whether you require equipment installation, guidance on systems maintenance, or access to the latest in high performance HVAC systems parts, H&H Commercial Services is the specialist of note within then Philadelphia market.

Our team is available around the clock to guide you in ensuring top performance from your HVAC systems. Call us today for a consultation!