The seasons are changing, and so are your grow room climate control needs. As summer approaches, put some thought into your grow room’s temperature. Hotter is not always better. In fact, cannabis plants tend to do best in temperatures under 80°F — unless they are in the flowering stage. So how do you keep your grow room at a comfortable temperature during the hot, humid summer months? Start by following these tips.

Add Some Fans

Good airflow keeps air circulating through the grow room so you don’t get pockets of warmth. It will also help keep humidity levels from climbing. If you have a central HVAC system, keep the fan running 24 hours a day in the summer. You can also improve airflow by adding some box fans to areas where the air tends to get stale. Your commercial HVAC mechanical contractors can show you the best places to put fans in your particular grow room.

Install an Environmental Controller

An environmental controller is basically like a smart hub system that connects all of your fans and other air quality equipment, such as your air conditioner if you have one. These controllers come with apps you can install on your smartphone. Through these apps, you can monitor the temperature, humidity, and airflow while you’re away from your grow room. If you notice one area is getting too warm, you can turn on the fan in that area — and you don’t have to drive back to your grow room to do it.

If you need help installing an environmental controller or connecting it to your HVAC system, a commercial HVAC service company can help.

Light the Grow Room at Night

Your plants need a certain number of daylight hours to keep them on schedule. In the summer, it’s often best to have the lights on at night and off during the day. This way, the lights will be giving off their heat at night when outdoor temperatures are cooler. You won’t have the lights adding to the warmth during the already-hot day. Just make sure you have good shades to keep sunlight out during the daytime.

Upgrade to LED Lights

If you’re not already using LED lights in your grow room, now is the time to make the change. LEDs give off less heat. Your plants will get the light exposure they need, but without it driving your temperatures up into a harmful range.

Consider Installing Air Conditioning

If your grow room is not well ventilated, then you may want to have an AC system installed. While this is an investment up front, it will save you money by ensuring a good harvest, time after time. Contact a commercial HVAC repair and service company for a quote.

Put some thought into grow room climate control this summer, and your plants will thank you with a bountiful harvest. Contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc. if you’re looking for a commercial heating and air conditioning repair company to assist you.