Alternate Title: Mitigate COVID Risks by Controlling Temperature & Humidity

Americans spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors, at home, work, and school. All this time inside in shared spaces is especially ominous, as of late, given the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, it is possible to ensure a healthy indoor environment and reduce COVID-19 risks with the right indoor air quality strategies.

Reduce Infectious Disease Risks in Your Commercial Space with These Tips

  • Think of your building as a tool for health.
    Adopting healthy practices now will deliver benefits long after the coronavirus threat has passed, protecting your employees, safeguarding productivity, and reducing healthcare costs.
  • Reduce building population to minimize risk.
    Minimize risk in active outbreaks by having as many people as possible work from home, keeping only minimal, essential staff members in the building.
  • Ensure sufficient personal space.
    People who work closely together in open spaces with no barriers between them call in sick more frequently than those with their own office space.
  • Eliminate viral contaminants in indoor air.
    Increasing the ventilation and filtration of indoor air is crucial to diluting viral contaminants in the workplace. Talk to your commercial HVAC service company about ways to increase the rate at which indoor air is exchanged with outdoor air, as well as opportunities for removing dangerous pathogens from the air using improved filtration, UV light air purifiers, and other methods.
  • Control humidity levels to reduce the lifespan and spread of viruses.
    Humidity levels of 50-60 percent reduce the lifespan of viruses and also prevent the spread of pathogens. This middle range is key. Humidity levels that are too high lengthen the lifespan of undesirable microorganisms. Levels that are too low can cause particles to remain airborne longer. Proper levels can be easily maintained with commercial dehumidification systems and humidifier additions.

Arm Your Building for Success

It is possible to retrofit your existing building for the new post-coronavirus reality. A layered approach, incorporating multiple measures, will be most effective at mitigating the risk of transmission. Your commercial heating & cooling system can incorporate a host of these helpful measures, offering Improved HVAC air filtration, air purification, and UV light disinfection, to name a few. It can also incorporate humidifier/dehumidifier solutions and airflow adjustments that help minimize risk in shared/open plan spaces.

These solutions are accessible for businesses at all levels, offering affordable solutions to preventing potential health and liability issues. Before the pandemic, it was hard to get Americans to take the steps necessary to preventproblems, but now we are facing a new reality. The benefits are clear, not just for those with friends and loved ones at high-risk of complications from COVID-19, but for employees concerned about catching the coronavirus within the walls of your building.

Take proactive steps to protect your employees. Learn more about ways to ensure a healthy workplace from H & H Commercial Services today.