Upgrading the air-conditioning unit in your commercial building to an Industrial Chiller system is an excellent way to both make your building more green while reducing your energy expenses. Chillers work extremely efficiently in creating a comfortable environment for employees and visitors, as well as doing a good job cooling products, computer systems or machinery as well.

What are Industrial Chillers?

Water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers are two types of refrigeration systems that can both cool and dehumidify air in industrial or commercial buildings. Vapor-Compression Chillers are a third technology. Chilled water can be used both for space cooling and also for processing. Chillers can use a variety of types of compression systems and fluids but have the same four basic components:

How an Industrial Chiller System Works

Each type of chiller works using a similar cycle:

  1. Liquid refrigerant starts in the evaporator and goes over an evaporator tube, absorbing the heat and evaporating into a gas.
  2. The compressor draws the gas out of the evaporator and moves it into the condenser which raises the temperature and pressure.
  3. The condenser tubes absorb the heat in the vapor.
  4. Then the pressurized liquid refrigerant goes through the expansion valve which causes the temperature and pressure to reduce.
  5. Finally, the liquid refrigerant again flows across the chilled evaporator tube, beginning the cycle again.

Which Chiller is Best?

No one chiller is best in all situations. Each building is unique and to determine the best type of industrial chiller for your particular building, you need to consult a company which has extensive experience in a variety of different types of buildings. They can determine what your needs are and which sort of chiller would meet those needs most effectively.

Industrial Chiller Maintenance

In order to function efficiently, chillers need to have expert inspection and maintenance by an experienced chiller repair contractor. Basic checks include:

  • Inspecting the chiller for refrigerant leaks.
  • Making sure compressor pressures are in the correct range.
  • Checking motors, starters, relays, and contactors.
  • Examining unloader operations and hot gas.
  • Using superheat and subcooling temperature readings and discharge line readings to check for maximum efficiency.

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