Are you skimping on running the comfort system for your indoor pool? This decision might be costing you more than you think. Proper temperature levels and indoor pool humidity control are crucial to safeguarding your bottom line and keeping your indoor pool or spa in top condition.

High Humidity Levels in the Pool Room Have Steep Consequences

  • High Humidity Levels Cause Structural Damage

Heating a pool to a comfortable temperature generates a large amount of water vapor. As humidity levels rise, water will accumulate on the floors, walls, and ceilings. Any structural components that remain wet will grow mold, mildew, and bacteria, eventually rotting your natatorium from the inside out. Furnishings will also breakdown and corrode faster in this environment, costing you a great deal of money in the long run.

  • Uncomfortable Temperatures Affect Pool Room Enjoyment

In addition to causing an unsightly, unhealthy pool environment, too much humidity can ruin the pool room experience for hotel guests, causing uncomfortable conditions and aggravating asthma and allergies. This could negatively impact decisions surrounding return visits to your establishment.

Proper Dehumidification Saves Money & Improves the Guest Experience 

  • Well-Designed Pool Room Comfort Systems Decrease Energy Costs
    Instead of bringing in fresh outdoor air to reduce humidity levels in the pool room, which wastes energy and leaves your heating and cooling struggling to maintain temperature, a Dectron pool dehumidifier can help you keep the conditioned air in your natatorium to temperature while simply removing excess humidity.
  • Dehumidifiers Improve Comfort in Cold & Warm Weather
    In the summer, dryer air can help guests in your pool room feel cooler, even when the temperature is held at a constant level. At lower relative humidity levels, sweat can more easily evaporate, allowing the body to cool off through perspiration.
  • The Most Efficient Systems Put Latent Heat to Work, Reducing Pool Heating Costs
    Commercial heating and cooling contractors a dehumidifier offers more than summertime advantages. In the winter, a dehumidifier can help you lower heating costs by repurposing the heat created in the dehumidification process, putting it to use heating the water in your pool and reducing your energy bills.

A Pool Room Dehumidifier Isn’t a Nicety, It’s a Necessity

Using a pool room dehumidifier offers significant savings over the years, lowering energy costs, preventing damage to furnishings and the structure of your pool room, and upholding a beautiful, comfortable experience for guests. The relatively small costs of this system are easily recouped in the lengthened lifespan of your pool room structure and furnishings and year-over-year energy savings.

Ensure an inviting pool room environment while gaining control over your energy costs. Talk to pool room dehumidification experts at H & H Commercial Services today.