When people think of HVAC, they often focus on heating and cooling. However, there is another element of HVAC: ventilation. Especially in commercial spaces, the “V” in HVAC is just as important as the other letters, and one key element of good ventilation is air quality.

If you own and operate a commercial building, it is vital to have your air quality and your HVAC performance inspected by HVAC mechanical contractors on a regular basis. Here are some key benefits of keeping up with this.

Improved Employee Health

Your employees could be spending at least 8 hours a day in your commercial building. As such, the quality of the air in your facility will have an impact on their overall health. Breathing in air that’s too high in particulate matter could lead to respiratory illness. Employees with allergies may also struggle if the air contains a lot of dust, mold spores, or other common allergens.

With routine maintenance, you’ll help identify air quality issues before they start negatively affecting your employees’ health. You can upgrade filters, have systems cleaned, or upgrade your ventilation equipment to keep your indoor air in top quality.

Happier Customers

If customers or clients enter your building, you don’t want them to experience unpleasant odors, stale air, or high humidity. Proper air quality maintenance can help ensure your building stays comfortable and inviting to clients, which may even give you a leg up on the competition.

Improved Efficiency

Air quality affects how well your HVAC system works. If your air is really humid, for example, your heating and air conditioning equipment will be exposed to more moisture, which can cause premature deterioration and a loss of efficiency over time. If your air has a lot of particulate matter in it, then some of that grime will settle on the burners and heat exchangers, which can also reduce efficiency.

The money you spend on air quality maintenance should save you money on energy bills in the long run, especially in a large, commercial building.

A Cleaner Building

Cleaning a commercial building is a lot of work, so why not make it easier? Properly cleaned and purified air means less dust settling on surfaces, and it also means less mold growth throughout the space. Overall, you’ll spend less time cleaning when you have HVAC maintenance services implement indoor air quality measures.

Air quality is vital for the health of your HVAC system, employees, clients, and building. If you’re looking for commercial air conditioning companies that help optimize indoor air quality in the Tri-State area around Philadelphia, contact H & H Commercial Services. We’re proud to install and service a wide range of makes and models.