IEQ, or indoor environmental air quality, is taking on increasing importance. In the past, issues related to IEQ flew under the radar – issues like Sick Building Syndrome. But today, IEQ is at the forefront of daily concerns due to a rise in climate-related issues such as fires, and most recently, the coronavirus.

Some businesses and organizations like to think this problem is easily solved with the addition of an air purifier or upgraded AC filter. But knowledgeable HVAC commercial contractors know IEQ and the way it relates to the health of building occupants involves more than air quality. A comprehensive IEQ plan includes temperature, sound, lighting, and many other factors.

How Can You Improve the IEQ in Your Building?

    • Schedule a Professional Assessment to ID Invisible Threats

While leaks and physical damage are easy to see, environmental issues like indoor air quality noise pollution are not. Fortunately, skilled commercial HVAC mechanical services contractors can help you uncover hidden issues, offering potential solutions such as:

      • Improving building exhaust systems to remove harmful contaminants from workrooms, kitchens, and restrooms

Introducing fresh air with the help of mechanical ventilation

  • Upgrading filtration with a HEPA style air filter, air purifier, or air scrubber to remove airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants
  • Adding humidification/dehumidification technology to control humidity levels that can impact comfort and health


These assessments also offer the added bonus of uncovering HVAC mechanical and safety issues, including inefficiencies in your HVAC system, reducing energy consumption and unexpected bills for commercial heating repairs.

    • Follow Best Practices

Look to industry experts like the CDC and ASHRAE for guidelines on assessing and addressing the IEQ in your building.

    • Avoid Fast Fixes & One-Size-Fits-All IEQ Solutions

Default settings, like those on a smartphone or computer, do not work for most. Fine-tuning is required to manage the unique needs of your building and workers. Managing IEQ is not a once-and-done, quickly managed situation, like commercial HVAC repair and service. Industry recommendations will change, as will your daily needs. Like weight loss, continual monitoring and tweaks are essential.

    • Take a Proactive Approach to IEQ Challenges

Regularly assessing your IEQ needs and staying up to date on best practices give you a better chance to succeed against nature, microbes, and other contaminants. It shows your care about the well-being of occupants and protects you against health-related complaints and liability.

Ensure the health of occupants in your building with help from the best commercial HVAC service company in Philadelphia. Contact H & H Commercial Services at 610-532-8745 to schedule a professional IEQ assessment today.