In the heat of summer, it’s important to keep your commercial HVAC system running well. After all, neither your employees or clients will want to spend much time in a hot, humid building. The secret to keeping your HVAC equipment running well is maintenance. A well-maintained system is less likely to fail, and it will also cool your building off more efficiently keeping energy bills low.

So, how do you maintain a commercial HVAC system in the summer? Here’s what our commercial HVAC contractors recommend.

Change Your Air Filters

If you do just one thing for your HVAC system all summer, this needs to be it. Change your air filter every month during peak temperatures. A dirty, clogged air filter will not only allow your building to become dirty. It will also restrict airflow and increase your cooling bills. Your AC won’t work as hard to push air through a fresh, clean filter.

Clean the Condenser

Road grime, dust, and pieces of leaves can all dirty your condenser. A dirty condenser will increase energy consumption and your likelihood of an HVAC malfunction. Have a company that offers commercial HVAC mechanical services come clean your condenser at least once a year.

Clean the Condensate Drain Line

Air conditioners produce condensation as they operate. This condensation flows out a tube called the condensate drain line. If the condensate drain line becomes clogged, you’ll notice a puddle near your AC equipment. Have your commercial HVAC repair and service company clean out this line. They can often do so at the same time they clean your condenser.

Lubricate the Belts

Lubrication keeps parts moving smoothly over one another, which reduces wear and tear and decreases your risk of equipment failure. Air conditioner motors have at least one belt inside of them. An HVAC contractor will typically lubricate and maintain this belt during an HVAC maintenance session, which is another reason regular maintenance appointments are so important.

Check Your Thermostat

Look at your thermostat closely. Make sure your building is reaching the temperature setting on the thermostat. If it is not, ask your HVAC mechanical contractor to come take a look. Also, make sure your thermostat setting is appropriate for the season. If it’s still set to your preferred temperatures for spring, you may need to make some adjustments as the outdoor temperatures change.

If you follow the tips above, your business should stay comfortably cool throughout the hottest days of the year. Remember to rely on your commercial HVAC company for additional tips and advice. Contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc. if you’re looking for a new HVAC company in the Philadelphia area.