GWhen temperatures drop, heating bills tend to go up. This is as true in commercial buildings as it is in your home. To some extent, heating bills are just a part of doing business in the winter. However, there’s no reason to pay more for energy than you need to. Our commercial HVAC contractors have some tips to help you reduce your HVAC energy consumption, even during peak heating season.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Is your commercial space still equipped with an old, dial-style thermostat, or even an early-model programmable thermostat? Upgrading to a smart thermostat is an easy way to save on energy bills. A commercial HVAC repair technician can install one in a few hours or less.

With a smart thermostat, you can control the temperature of your building remotely. If you decide to close one day, you can turn the temperature down from home, saving yourself energy and a trip to the building. You can also monitor your energy use over time, via the associated app. If you see energy consumption rising, you can take steps to reduce consumption ASAP.

Perform an Energy Audit

An energy audit will tell you where your building is losing heat, which alerts you to changes that can be made. You may find, for instance, that your building lacks insulation in the walls, and that adding insulation is the best way to slash your heating bills. Or, you may discover that your heating equipment is operating inefficiently and needs a tune-up.

Commercial heating and air conditioning contractors in Philadelphia offer energy audits for commercial spaces. You can have the audit performed during the same appointment as your annual HVAC maintenance, which is also important to prevent energy waste.

Replace Your Air Filters

One of the biggest causes of HVAC inefficiency is dirty filters. When a filter becomes dirty and clogged, the HVAC equipment has to work harder to push air through it. Changing your filters every quarter can go a long way towards preventing this problem. You may also want to have a commercial HVAC service company clean your ducts and vents to slow the rate at which dirt builds up in your filters.

Establish a Maintenance Plan

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong with your HVAC system, perform preventative maintenance. Establish a maintenance contract with an HVAC company in your area. They can come lubricate and adjust your system regularly. While they are there, they can check for any minor issues and repair them before they start having a big impact on system efficiency. Simply lubricating and adjusting the equipment can reduce energy consumption, too.

Don’t let heating bills get the best of you this winter. Contact H & H Commercial Services to schedule your appointment soon. We offer commercial heating and air conditioning repair Philadelphia residents trust.