Are your computer room climate control needs being met? Even the smallest server rooms require precise temperature control to safeguard server function and lifespan.

Bumping Down the Thermostat is Not Enough

Because computer room heat loads vary, the temperature control needs of every data center are unique. Simply programming the thermostat for the 61-75° F sweet spot is not enough. Different gear generates different levels of heat at different times, requiring more precise temperature control. And if your thermostat isn’t even located in your server room, you’re playing with fire, literally and figuratively.

How to Properly Manage Server Room Temperature & Humidity Levels

There are a number of affordable ways to more precisely manage your data center climate control needs. However, finding the right fit for your setup is key to overall performance and satisfaction with your server room climate control system. According to Industrial Market Trends, racks of servers and associated equipment can get as hot as a 7-foot tall stack of powered toaster ovens, making careful consideration of climate control needs essential to safety, comfort, and controlling operating expenses.

Types of Climate Control Systems

After considering your equipment and evaluating your server room setup, a professional HVAC mechanical contractor can help you tailor a commercial heating and cooling system designed to your business’ exact needs, including server room specific equipment such as…

  • Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRACs)
    The most commonly used data center cooling equipment, CRAC units are rising in use, continuing to replace the everyday air conditioning units once used to cool server rooms. CRACs carefully monitor and maintain the temperature, air distribution, and humidity, keeping levels between 45-55% to safeguard hardware against corrosion and premature failure.
  • In-Row Cooling
    Installed on the floor or suspended overhead to bring them closer to server racks, in-row cooling offers the precise delivery of cooling to the banks of server cabinets, boosting speed, capacity, and efficiency.
  • High-Density Cooling & Containment Systems
    High-density data centers require more effective and efficient cooling solutions to minimize energy consumption and guard against the substantial risk of cooling failure. In this situation, keeping hot/cold air separated via containment-style cooling systems delivers results, offering the superior airflow management today’s high-density data centers depend on.

More than an Equipment Swap

Today’s technologically-advanced server room climate control equipment requires more than the simple swapping of HVAC components. Proper equipment selection and setup is key to smooth, efficient operation, as is identifying potential issues uncovered during the setup process which, if overlooked, could cost your business in major repair expenses. When selecting commercial air conditioning contractors to install your computer room air conditioning or dehumidification system, be certain to shop for a provider with experienced, trained technicians who take the time to answer your questions, solve your cooling problems, and most importantly, guarantee their work by providing service for the life of the system.

Safeguard the lifespan of your costly computer equipment, protecting your business from the financial and reputational setbacks of downtime with the skilled commercial HVAC services of H&H Commercial Services. Contact us and schedule your server room evaluation and complimentary climate control quote today.