Experiencing a fire is traumatic. Most unfortunate is that, most home and business owners think they are unlikely to suffer such an incident, believing they are less at risk than those they see in the news. This false sense of security, called optimism bias, leads many to neglect procedures that could safeguard them against a similar experience. Commercial HVAC contractors know dangerous HVAC fires are among these preventable issues, and they are avoidable with simple maintenance measures.

Basic Steps You Can Take to Prevent HVAC Fires

Making yourself aware of common HVAC related fire hazards is essential to protect your business. Keep a watchful eye out for these common causes:

  • HVAC electrical problems
    Electrical issues are the leading cause of HVAC fires. Commercial heating and air conditioning repair technicians see a lot of them, particularly in aging, poorly maintained systems. Making yourself aware of the condition of your system through regular HVAC maintenance can help you prevent a dangerous situation. If it’s been a while since your system has been serviced, don’t wait. A professional checkup could thwart a potential disaster – or at the very least, major repair expenses.
  • Overuse in weather extremes
    Heating and air conditioning systems draw a lot of current. In heat waves and cold snaps, when HVAC constantly runs for many hours or days at a time, it is possible for the motor to overheat, resulting in a fire.
  • Crowded heating and air equipment
    Heating and cooling equipment located in cramped quarters,  crowded by cleaning chemicals and boxes – or worse – used as shelving to store these items, poses a serious fire risk. Keeping your unit clear and unobstructed ensures efficient operation and reduces fire risk.
  • Improper installation
    Installation mistakes such as poorly fitted connections can go undetected for years until other forces like weather or an earthquake worsen the issue. Regular inspections by our commercial HVAC mechanical services contractors ensure all fittings, gas, and electrical lines to your unit are properly secure and in good working order.
  • Combustion-related concerns
    Combustion equipment such as gas furnaces poses a host of fire hazards, particularly when maintenance is neglected. In addition to all of the above concerns, faulty gas connections, improper fuel pressure (both high and low), and leaking fuel lines could result in a fire. Poorly maintained combustion appliances may also pose carbon monoxide dangers, making routine maintenance a must on these systems.

Don’t play with fire. Catch dangerous heating and air issues before they result in damage and inventory loss. Make sure your system is installed correctly and maintained annually. Contact H & H Commercial Services to schedule preventative HVAC maintenance today.