Temperature is such an important determining factor in plant growth and plant health. So, as summer approaches, you might be wondering what steps you can take to keep your grow room at a cool, amenable temperature. The beauty of growing indoors is that you can take control of the climate. Here’s how to do that in the summer.

Know Your Goals

How cool do you need to keep your grow room? In most cases, you’ll need to maintain the temperature below 80 degrees F. During the flowering stage, you can allow the temperature to get a little hotter than this if desired. Keep this goal in mind as you work with commercial HVAC mechanical contractors to keep your grow room cool.

Improve Airflow

Good airflow will help keep your grow room from becoming too hot and stuffy. When it is cooler outside, you can blow in some of that cool, indoor air without having to turn on the AC. In fact, some growers are able to keep their grow rooms below 80 degrees F with fans alone; they don’t even need to have AC installed. If you do want to go in this direction, you may need to have a powerful fan coordinated with your ductwork so you can better move air through the whole grow room. A commercial HVAC service company can take care of this for you.

Use LED Grow Lights

HD grow lights are good for your plants, but they also put out a lot of heat. You can keep using these lights in the winter, but as temperatures rise, consider swapping them out for LED grow lights. LED grow lights stay a lot cooler, which will help keep your grow room in the comfortable range. As an added bonus, growers often find that switching to LEDs gives their products better flavor.

Also try adjusting your light schedule so that you have the grow lights on more during the night, and less during the day.

Monitor Conditions on Your Phone

Use a smart thermostat or a grow room climate control module to keep an eye on your grow room temperature while you’re away. You can periodically check your phone to see what the temperature is. Some systems will even alert you with a ding or alarm if the temperature exceeds a certain level. Then, you have time to take action, such as turning on fans or the AC, before the temperature gets into a damaging range.

Keep the advice above in mind, and work with a commercial HVAC repair and service company to keep your grow room climate under control. If you’re looking for a commercial heating and air conditioning repair technician in the Philadelphia area, contact H & H Commercial Services. We’re a team of experienced, professional HVAC contractors who take pride in satisfying our customers’ needs.