It’s been a few months since your commercial heating and air conditioning unit has been put to the test. While under restrictions, your building – or large portions of it – have likely remained unoccupied. For this reason, your HVAC system has probably been used minimally, if at all. Before reopening for business, make sure your HVAC system is operating safely and efficiently. What maintenance should be performed on your HVAC equipment prior to allowing occupants back into your building?

Post-COVID-Reopening Checklist for Commercial HVAC Equipment

Our HVAC commercial contractors recommend treating your building as you would one opening after new construction, beginning these tasks 1-2 weeks before reopening.

  • Schedule inspections.
    Check with local building officials to determine if any inspections are necessary prior to returning equipment to service, such as boilers, steam generators, and components linked to your fire safety system.
  • Verify HVAC is in good condition and functioning properly.
    • Catch up on neglected maintenance and ensure proper operation. Contact your HVAC system installer to verify your system is running efficiently, within safe operational parameters. (Should the need for future shutdowns occur, we recommend continuing maintenance through these unoccupied periods whenever possible.)
    • Start fresh with clean air filters. Consider upgrading to better-performing products such as HEPA filters and UV light filtration to reduce the incidence of airborne particles and contaminants like coronavirus.
    • Check your outdoor unit(s) for debris, landscaping overgrowth, insect/bird nests. Visually inspect for signs of damage, leaks, dust/dirt accumulation, and fungal growth on all HVAC system components, including the coils, casing, drain pan, ductwork, and surrounding nearby building finishes (ceilings, walls, etc.).
    • Make sure damper seals are intact, and dampers, actuators, and valves are functioning properly. Check to ensure bearings are lubricated, and drive belts and direct drive fans are functioning properly.
    • Check space ventilation rates, and ensure outside airflows are balanced to the correct parameters.
    • Verify the function of your Building Automation System.
  • Carefully examine chillers and boilers.
    If you’ve left chillers and boilers off, it is imperative to call for professional commercial HVAC service before operating your equipment. This is not recommended. Stagnant water supports the growth and microorganisms that can negatively impact the performance and lifespan of your equipment.
  • Consider recommissioning systems 3-5 years passed their initial commission date.
    A commissioning provider can help you prepare these plans, ensuring your system is performing based on operational parameters, overseeing functional performance testing of your HVAC system based on ASHRAE standards/guidelines.

Tested Equipment is Safe Equipment

When your building is shut down, the integrity of your HVAC system can rapidly deteriorate. To safeguard its lifespan and the health of your employees, be sure to check all components prior to reopening thoroughly.

Already have a long to-do list? Take a load off with the help of H & H Commercial Services. We can help you make sure your system is performing properly, to ASHRAE COVID-19 recommendations, so you can get back to more pressing matters. Contact H & H Commercial Services to schedule post-shutdown service and maintenance today.