Although many in the industry enjoy the smell of cannabis, it can become overwhelming inside of a grow room. Plus, you don’t want too much of that smell to escape and start bothering the neighbors. Grow room odor control is, therefore, a crucial concern for indoor growers. Here are some tips to help you and your commercial HVAC mechanical contractors keep cannabis odors under control.

Choose An Activated Carbon Filter System

When choosing a filtration system, look for one that is made with activated carbon. The carbon tends to be very effective at trapping odor-causing molecules. You’ll get much better results with this type of system than with an air scrubber unit.

Air scrubbers are generally better suited to removing heavy chemical odors from the air. They don’t do as good of a job of grabbing larger particles. Most cannabis odors are due to the presence of cannabis particles in the air, and an activated carbon filter will trap these particles. You can obtain such filters from a commercial heating and air conditioning repair company.

Create A Circular Airflow Pattern

Cannabis needs a lot of ventilation in order to grow well. You will need a system in which plenty of air can move through your grow room. For odor control, you also need to make sure that air is passing through your filtration system before being expelled from the building.

The easiest way to work good odor control into your grow room climate control process is to achieve a circular flow pattern. The air will move into the room, pass through a filter, travel a bit further in the room, pass through another filter, and so forth.

Check The Air Both Indoors And Out

People who are around cannabis all of the time, such as those who work in grow rooms, can become nose blind to its scent. So, to make sure your odor control system is working, you should have someone who is not around cannabis all the time come spend some time in your facility. Have them smell inside the grow room and tell you how strong the odors are. Also have them walk around outside and see if they can detect any odors.

If the smell outside is strong enough to bother your “test subject” then it might be strong enough to bother your neighbors, too. You might need a more effective filter, such as a HEPA filter, or you may need to improve your airflow pattern. Adding more filters to your system can help, too.

Work with your commercial HVAC service company to implement the above tips and enhance your grow room odor control. Your employees and neighbors will benefit from having the space smell less like cannabis. If you’re looking for a commercial HVAC repair and service contractor in the greater Philadelphia area, contact H & H Commercial Services today.