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Grow Room Climate Control Service Provder in Philadelphia Area

Grow Room Climate Control Services by H & H  Help You Achieve Ideal Growing Conditions

H & H Commercial Services understands your need for precise grow room climate control. From Kenneth Square’s flourishing mushroom industry to the budding medical marijuana market, we know the importance of choosing integrated climate control technology that expertly manages your cultivation facilities’ temperature, humidity levels, and ventilation needs without error.

Grow Room HVAC Systems from H & H Precisely Manage Indoor Temperature

Maintaining precise temperature control at each stage of the growth cycle is essential to health and productivity. Moisture from plant transpiration and grow light heat generation can make this a challenge for the inexperienced. Fortunately, our commercial climate control experts are masters of grow room climate control, ensuring high yields and a superior product with a properly sized, top-quality grow room HVAC System.

Grow Room HVAC Design to Control Indoor Humidity

The grow room environment is susceptible to higher moisture levels than any other setting, with the possible exception of indoor pools. We know a heavy-duty commercial dehumidification system is essential to control the humidity in your indoor grow room. Our commercial HVAC mechanical contractors determine dehumidification system capacity based on the amount of moisture you need to eliminate, the energy required to remove it, as well as lighting and irrigation system design and carbon dioxide/oxygen infusions. Our expertly designed, high-quality dehumidification systems prevent humidity spikes, ensuring your crops won’t be lost to mold, rot, and pests.

Grow Room Climate Control Service by H & H

Grow Room Ventilation Setups that Offer Efficient, Energy Saving Performance

Your grow room ventilation setup is essential to managing air quality, odors, contaminants, humidity, and carbon dioxide/oxygen levels. Our grow room ventilation design service gives you added control over your grow room climate while minimizing wasted energy. Our air intake and exhaust intake system setups are specially designed to take advantage of latent heat and put recycled energy to use while helping regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality. We construct our ventilation systems to maintain clean, sterile air, placing mechanical equipment outside the grow room whenever possible. We also use dedicated ducting systems in each room to prevent mold and other potential contaminants from spreading, incorporating the latest UV and carbon filtration to guard against contaminants.

Your Grow Room Climate Control Experts

Your success depends on exacting grow room climate control. Optimize your operation and protect your bottom line, achieving the ideal climate conditions for your indoor grow room with help from H & H Commercial Services. Contact us to schedule a grow room climate control system design consultation today.

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