No matter how cold the weather may be outside, there’s likely one room in your building that must be kept chilled at all times: the computer room.  If you’re running a large set of computers – or hosting server farms – then you know just how much heat they can put out… and how disastrous it can be if they ever overheat.

H&H Commercial Service specializes in commercial air conditioning repair solutions for computer rooms, and we should be one of the first places you call if you ever start having trouble.

Ways H&H Commercial Service Can Protect Your Data Center

1. Application-Specific Repair Work

We know that computer room cooling solutions are not one-size-fits-all.  Temperatures which might be appropriate for one set of equipment could cripple another.  Before beginning any A/C repair work, we’ll make sure we understand the equipment you’re using and its specific environmental needs.

2. Humidity Control

Very often, data center air conditioning systems include humidity control as an integral part.  We are well familiar with these systems, and partner with top brands ourselves to ensure temperature and moisture levels are properly controlled.

3. Extensive Parts On-Hand

Since we have a strong focus on computer room work, we keep relatively obscure parts in stock that many other commercial air conditioning repair companies would have to special-order.  This means we can get your repairs done quickly, and for less extra cost, than the alternatives.

4. Protective Maintenance for Long-Term Safety

We know that there’s simply no such thing as “acceptable risk” when it comes to network hubs and data centers.  With every repair or installation job, we’re looking towards the future and watching out for small problems that, if fixed now, will prevent much larger problems later on.  When you call in H&H Commercial Services for your computer room air conditioning needs, we want you to know your computer systems will be safe for years to come.

H&H Commercial Services Is Philadelphia’s Top Option for Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

For over thirty-five years, H&H Commercial Services has provided excellent commercial air conditioning repair, as well as full HVAC maintenance and installation, to the Philadelphia area.  We’ve built long-lasting relationships with our clients thanks to our dedication to quality service, excellent brand offerings, and timely work.

Please contact H&H Commercial Services today for a full consultation on your air conditioning work.