In managing commercial heating and repair challenges, it’s important to learn as much as possible from industry experts and to build upon your knowledge so you can respond when your business needs a swift resolution. Within our decades in the marketplace, we’ve helped thousands of companies achieve clear resolutions to their commercial heating and air conditioning repair challenges and in this latest post, we’re presenting answers to three commercial HVAC repair questions.

1. How Often Should I Check my Air Filter?

It’s the time of the year when your business’s air filter will be most required and so it’s important to know how often you should replace the air filter. The latest industry guidance is to replace the air filter for your system at least once a month. If you struggle in completing this process, make sure you give us a call directly for guidance.

2. How Often Should I Have my Equipment Serviced?

Heating and air conditioning equipment should be serviced according specifically to the manufacturer’s instructions so that any mechanical issues can be quickly mitigated. It’s important to work with qualified technicians when managing commercial air conditioning and heating repair issues. Our team at H&H Commercial Services has decades of experience in this area and we’re committed to responding to all equipment service needs with precision. Most equipment should be inspected, cleaned, and maintained at least once per year. This can help to prevent unexpected downtime and keep company staff comfortable throughout the year.

3. What is the Most Important Quality in a Repair Company?

Selecting a qualified repair company is critical in dealing with commercial heating and air conditioning repair challenges. Only qualified experts can respond to the company’s needs on short notice and ensure their systems are working to peak condition. One of the most important qualities to consider in a repair company is their experience within the marketplace. The company should employ those with decades of background expertise in the industry. They should also be able to prove their certifications for the work required. Another important element in this process is speed of response. Make sure the company you turn to is able to respond to your commercial heating and air conditioning repair needs on short notice, for a swift response to maintenance issues.

The trusted team here at H&H Commercial Services is equipped to handle any maintenance issue within your company’s heating and air conditioning system. To discover more, contact us directly!