Commercial buildings need to be comfortable for clients and for the workforce. In the summer, this means running the air conditioners, which can quickly ramp up your energy bills. Some buildings require as much as 50 kWh/square foot, and up to 35% of that is dedicated to air conditioning.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce energy consumption and keep your cooling bills under closer control. Here are four key strategies to help you reduce HVAC energy consumption in your commercial building this summer.

Have Your System Professionally Maintained
First and foremost, have a commercial HVAC service company come look over and maintain your system. They can identify any worn or damaged parts that may be making your HVAC system less energy-efficient. They can also clean and lubricate the moving parts and motors in your HVAC system, which allows it to run more efficiently.

Cool During Off-Peak Hours

Energy companies charge a higher rate for electricity during certain hours, which usually include afternoon hours during the warm months. The same electricity tends to be cheaper during the morning and evening. Program your HVAC system to cool the building off a few extra degrees in the morning and evening. This way, it will be extra cool going into those peak afternoon hours, and the system won’t need to run as often.

If your current thermostat does not give you this level of control, talk to your commercial HVAC contractors. They can install a smart thermostat that allows you to program your AC schedule around peak hours.

Install Smart Blinds

Commercial HVAC mechanical contractors Philadelphia residents trust have seen smart blinds work well in many commercial buildings. These blinds open and close on-schedule, protecting your building from the sun’s heat during the hottest hours. Some models even sense light and close automatically when it reaches a certain brightness. The more sun they bock, the less your AC needs to work.

Use Energy Recovery Ventilation

Ventilation is an often-overlooked component of HVAC. If your ventilation system is set up to transfer heat and humidity from the vented air to the incoming air, this reduces the burden on your air conditioner. Have a commercial HVAC repair and service company come look over your commercial building’s setup and see whether adding energy recovery ventilation is an option. If it is, this upgrade could save a vast amount of energy.

Don’t let high energy bills weigh your business down this summer. Make some of the changes above, and get in touch with H&H Commercial Services, Inc. Our experienced technicians can help you improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.