Are you looking for an integrated solution to meet the temperature, humidity, and airflow control needs of your grow room? Eliminate the need to purchase separate air conditioning and dehumidification equipment with Desert Aire’s GrowAire solutions. We can design the perfect system for your unique setup. Learn why these systems are the solution of choice recommended by our commercial HVAC contractors.

Why You Need More than AC in Your Grow Room

To maintain optimal growing conditions in your grow room, you need more than simple temperature control. You also need equipment that accurately maintains not only moisture levels, but air movement to control humidity in an indoor grow room. This grand trifecta prevents the condensation of moisture on plants that can cause issues with mold, mildew, and fungus. These issues can significantly impact the health of your plants, limiting growth and affecting product quality, and impacting your revenue stream. Fortunately, with a proactive approach, you can avoid these climate control pitfalls, ensuring the perfect indoor growing climate.

Conventional air conditioners aren’t designed to control humidity with any accuracy. While you may be able to set your ideal room temperature, dehumidification remains a side effect of the cooling process – not its main purpose. Attempting to use your AC unit in this manner could lead to the need for frequent commercial heating and air conditioning repairs. While portable dehumidifiers may offer a bit of added help, this one-dimensional approach will never deliver the benefits of a fully integrated system offering precise environmental control.

Desert Aire’s Cutting-Edge Systems Provide Complete Climate Control

Desert Aire systems put control of the grow room environment at the touch of your fingers. In addition to temperature control, they allow you to precisely control discharge temperature. You can set your ideal dehumidification capacity and quickly respond to changes that can quickly occur in the indoor grow room environment. In addition, they can allow you to exhaust or intake outdoor air as needed to maintain the ideal setting for your plants.

High-quality, durable Desert Aire systems enable you to reliably create the predictable, stable grow room climate needed to achieve maximum yield while using energy efficiently. Which grow room dehumidification solution is best for your application?

  • Desert Aire GrowAire Systems

Enjoy complete indoor climate control, optimize growth and inspire the expression of desired crop qualities, and lower production costs with an energy-efficient GrowAire dehumidification system.

  • Desert Aire DriCure Systems

Take control of drying your cannabis, improving flower drying rates after harvest/before shipment with a DriCure dehumidification system.

Whether you have a greenhouse, drying room, grow room, or indoor farm, H & H Commercial Services can help you design the perfect integrated system to meet your needs. Contact us at 610-532-8745 to schedule a consultation today.