Steamy swimming situation? For pool rooms experiencing humidity issues, a Desert Aire indoor pool dehumidifier offers an ideal solution, preserving the comfort and air quality of your pool room, as well as its structure, furnishings, and equipment.

Why Desert Aire?

A recognized leader in the dehumidification arena, Desert Aire has an in-depth understanding of humidity issues. With application expertise across a range of industries, Desert Aire provides dehumidification solutions not only for indoor pool environments, but in an array of industries, solving humidity control issues from library and art archivation to water/wastewater treatment environments and grow room/indoor farming setups. In the indoor pool arena, Desert Aire systems are known for their reliable around-the-clock operation, accurate humidity control, superior efficiency and minimal maintenance needs. Providers of commercial HVAC in Philadelphia also know in addition to its stellar dehumidification systems, Desert Aire’s customer service reputation also shines, truly listening and taking into account customer needs and putting their industry expertise to use to provide a team approach to solving dehumidification challenges.

Is a Desert Aire Pool Dehumidification System Right for You?

No two indoor swimming facilities are alike. Used for recreation, competition, exercise, therapy, and relaxation, each has its own unique footprint and challenges. If your natatorium is suffering from these signs of humidity control problems, such as comfort control, air quality, and furnishing and structural deterioration issues, a Desert Aire system could provide the ideal solution. Combining engineering expertise, advanced technology, and focused support, Desert Aire systems can help you live, work, or play in a healthier, more productive pool environment, with proven technology and customized solutions tailored to fit your natatorium’s unique needs.

Which Desert Aire Pool Dehumidification System Suits Your Swimming Setup?

Schedule a complimentary consultation from a qualified HVAC contractor at H&H for help determining which Desert Aire system might be best for your indoor pool room. Desert Aire dehumidification systems are designed to work in harmony with water, air quality and temperature control systems to protect the health of building occupants as well as the structural integrity of the pool room and surrounding buildings. Desert Aire offers dehumidifiers and dehumidifying equipment engineered to suit every environment, including:

  • ExpertAire™ Series Commercial Dehumidification Systems

    Experte Aire Horizontal (LC) and Vertical (LV) series dehumidifiers provide the highest Moisture Removal Efficiency (MRE) ratings on the market, with the ability to regulate the introduction of outdoor air to save energy.

  • SelectAire™ (SA) Series Dehumidification Systems

    SA Series dehumidifiers can help you meet your most challenging moisture issues. Unique, modular engineering provides flexible design possibilities and custom tailored solutions.

  • SelectAire Plus™ (SP) Dehumidification Systems

    SP Series dehumidifiers are engineered for large 50-meter pool applications. Incorporating SA system energy recovery technology, SP systems add state-of-the-art features capable of achieving unparalleled humidity control. With a heat pipe, cutting-edge fan design, and next-generation control features housed in superior cabinetry, SP systems tout the highest Moisture Removal Efficiency (MRE) in the industry.

Pool room humidity problems? We’ve got you covered, providing the latest in professional residential and commercial pool room humidity control systems and design. Contact H&H Commercial Services, your pool dehumidification expert, today.